Covid-19 Policy and Censorship

The pandemic is over, but the government does not want you to know. Recently, a Center for Disease Control report was issued. It said the best estimate for infection fatality risk put Covid-19 in the ball park of seasonal flu, consistent with Stanford studies.
It may not be censored but why is it not headline news?

One might expect a jubilant reaction from authorities and an immediate cessation of destructive anti Covid-19 measures. But no. They want all this suppressed. (sites below)

Dr Vernon Coleman said a UK doctor was struck off for a year for voicing the opinion that Covid-19 was not that serious.

A German civil servant put out his report criticising anti-Covid-19 measures as often causing more harm and deaths than the lives supposedly saved by these measures. This is a longer story-see footnote below. Whatever the real story, the government did not like it, did not want to listen, and was furious when it was disseminated, apparently on government letterhead, and was supported by several professionals.

More and more people, highly qualified experts, are criticizing lockdown, social distancing, and rejecting the depressing mantra Things-Will-Never-Be-The-Same. But we are not allowed to hear them on YouTube, or elsewhere.

Dr. Knut Wittowski, a retired epidemiologist, also disputed the projected spread and said the epidemic would be over soon, that this was just a regular flu, that there was no reason whatsoever to close schools, and in particular, not to run the whole economy against the wall.

Award winning scientist Dr. Dolores Cahill in a recent interview talked about antibodies, immunity, the R0 of viruses, the role of vitamins, and the merits of hydroxychloroquine. She also said lockdown was a bad idea and should be lifted. As well, she said she would work against any action to bring in a mandatory vaccine.

American doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi also argued against treating Covid as if it were the plague. To be fair, there has been some criticism of their statistical methods. But the WHO has made outstanding errors and it is not censored.

One of the best alternative opinions is from Dr. Vernon Coleman. He has done many YouTube interviews about Covid-19, all of which are informative and funny. Eventually so many were removed by the YouTube censors that he made a short one he called “YouTube Policy Compliant.” Watch this, if nothing else. (Sites below.)

Medscape reported that contributor Professor Karol Sikora, MD, a British oncologist, recently sat for an interview with with journalist Freddy Sayers. Dr. Sikora speculated that the coronavirus may be getting tired, and that pockets of immunity might explain a global downturn in the pandemic.
The 30-minute video was posted to YouTube on Tuesday — and promptly removed for “violating guidelines.”
While not everyone agrees with Sikora’s optimistic opinions about where the pandemic is headed, they aren’t considered fringe. The 71-year-old former chief of the World Health Organization’s cancer program. “Disappointed to hear that Youtube has removed my interview with @unherd (no reasons given). I thought it was a measured discussion. We need to have a balance, that involves listening to differing opinions and not banning them. This censorship is a worrying development,” Sikora tweeted. An appeal by Medscape (but not Unherd) was able to persuade YouTube to restore it.

A remark on the Medscape comment section on May 23rd from a Dr. Kirkpatrick was:
I tend to believe any doctor the “programmers” at Youtube censors. Their AI is a cancer, just like the “models” used to predict this Covid-19 spread.”

One would think with their credentials, these people would be entitled to an opinion. Instead, YouTube, owned by Google, removed these videos as being against community standards. (See alternative sites below.) The WHO is the only source we are permitted to listen to, however many errors were made. And they and Health Canada have spent a bundle making sure their links are prominent everywhere on the web.

Two choices on a recent Yahoo Canada opinion poll on government action against Covid-19 were: “Yes, we have taken the right action” and “No, I think we need to do more.” It disallowed respondents to say that the cure is worse than the disease.
Google has been criticized for leaving out or pushing down sites promoting anything resembling non-pharmaceutical medicine.

A recent letter from the Canadian Constitution Foundation says ‘The Canadian government is considering banning Covid-19 “misinformation.” “These gag laws would prevent Canadians from having open discussions about the nature of Covid-19 and our government’s response to it.” They also reported that an Albertan protesting against lockdown was arrested.

UK Government scientific advisers are furious at what they see as an attempt to censor their advice on government proposals during the Covid-19 lockdown by heavily redacting an official report before it was released to the public, the Guardian can reveal. Blocks of text in the report on how the public might respond to lockdown measures, were entirely blanked out. The redacted portions of the document contained criticisms they had made of potential government policies they had been formally asked to consider in late March and early April. The controversial measures were about restricting activities and requiring permits before leaving home. The Guardian

NOTE: The German Leaked Story. – Sometimes Facebook Gets It Right

The original story was that the German Ministry of the Interior (BMI ) requisitioned a report on from experts it chose, and then ignored the report and became angry when it was leaked. Then the authors themselves criticised the government, in a long press release, for ignoring what the report said and generally ignoring the cost and adverse effects of anti-Covid measures.
The second version was that BMI staffer (now fired) put out the report independently, somehow it was leaked, and while there was a long, response from several professionals urging the government to consider the costs of anti-Covid measures, they were not experts officially hired by the government.
It was Facebook that caught this. When I tried to post the first version, Facebook warned me there was false information and asked if I still wanted to put the link in. That made me search and then find the retraction. Kind of impressive.

Revised version possibly more balanced? which links to an English translation of the report.
German Press Release
Also: which links to this retraction:

Discussion of CDC Report

CDC Report

Sites of Contrary Views Removed by YouTube/Google Censors:

Dr. Dolores Cahill

Dr. Knut Wittkowski : There are many people supporting my positions; they are not favored by the media, [for] the media—only bad news is good news…[T]he huge damage done to the economy could not be justified by whatever was known.

Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi,
also at Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi,

Dr. Vernon Coleman:
I’ve been writing & researching medical matters longer than YouTube. Click on Health
A short YouTube-compliant video! Very funny
Why did YouTube ban my video? Banned from Facebook.
mobile site for the last video.

Professor Karol Sikora


YouTube Censorship Discussion

UK Covid Advisors censored

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