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Hello everybody. I’m Dr. Simone Gold. I am a Board certified Emergency Physician and the founder of America’s Frontline doctors. I’m also Stanford University educated attorney and we’ve come back with some of my group for the second white Coat Summit. We’re here to speak to America like we did on July 27th. At that time. We brought the American people truth and hope and optimism and we’re here to give you more truth and more reasons to be optimistic and to not live in fear . There continues to be a great deal of disinformation and outright censorship.

Since our Summit the censorship unfortunately has gotten worse. Because of that we’ve established a website America’s Front Line doctors where you can find the truth, where the truth is not censored. You can also follow most of us on social media. Today we’re going to bring you information about masks, about lockdowns, about, most importantly early treatment, reasons to be optimistic. We’re going to dispel the myths. I want to start with masks and I start with this because there’s a legal crisis, a constitutional crisis that we’re not recognizing, and it is to some extent personified by the forced, mandated wearing of masks. Let’s not tiptoe around the great big elephant in the room. The facts are actually not in dispute. Masks are completely irrelevant at blocking the Sars-CoV-2 virus. If you doubt that, watch the educational session we’ve done about the myth of masks. I encourage everyone to do their own internet search,and discover that prior to March 2020, there were no scientific journals that asserted that masks could keep out a virus. A virus is one one-thousandth the size of a hair.
Consider what our emperor Fauci said when asked if he’s sure that masks work. Now remember he is not new to the game. This has been his life’s work for decades. There was no chance that what he said was a mistake, and there was no chance that Sars-CoV-2 is different than any other RNA virus that he made his life’s work.
Dr. Fauci he said when you’re in the middle of an outbreak wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet, but it is not providing the perfect protection that people think it is, and often there are unintended consequences.
What the New England Journal of Medicine had to say about masks: ” It is clear that mask serve symbolic roles. Masks are lucky charms that may help increase health care workers’ perceived sense of safety and well-being. Although such reactions may not be strictly logical, we are all subject to fear and anxiety, especially during times of crisis expanded masking protocols’ greatest contribution may be to reduce the transmission of anxiety.” that is from The New England Journal of Medicine.
I will put it plainly to you, my fellow Americans. You have been lied to by the media. Propaganda is not a new phenomenon. Thomas Jefferson said “the man who reads nothing at all is better educated in the man who reads nothing”.
John F. Kennedy pointed out that it does not matter if the propaganda had a sinister purpose. The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, but the myth- persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.
These days, Americans fall into three groups those who recognize the propaganda, those who have been successfully propagandized, and those who don’t care. We’ll just leave them out of it for now.
My message is for mask believers who have not yet realized that they are victims of propaganda and who also think it is no big deal to force other people to wear a mask. In fact, there are three enormous problems with masks. First, mask mandates are spreading fear and hostility that is changing American culture. We are less friendly, less interactive, more hostile, quicker to be angry with our fellow citizen. Masks are very socially divisive. There is mask shaming and mask virtue signaling. There’s hashtag social compliance, and there are citizen policing of sidewalks and airplanes and restaurants. In addition to hostility, masks bring a palpable sense of fear. That is totally unwarranted by the facts. There are actually human beings who believe that others will be harmed if they don’t wear a mask and this is tragic. Second, mask mandates cause an insurmountable civil libertarian issue. In the American legal system the government cannot force the facial covering because all rights not expressly given to the government belong to the people. The government has to neither common law nor statutory right to mandate clothing. Encroaching on a right that belongs to the people is extremely dangerous. One of our founding fathers , fourth President James Madison said, “It is proper to take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties. We hold this to be the first duty of citizens and one of the noblest characteristics of the Revolution. The free men of America did not wait till usurped power had strengthened itself.”
Third, wearing masks is a national security issue when most of the citizenry of our country can so easily be persuaded to do something that is so clearly against our own Constitution. Our enemies certainly take notice. We are quite literally telegraphing our weakness and social divisiveness to our enemies.
Now, to those Americans who are genuinely afraid: we are physicians. We are here to help you with these facts, to reduce your fear. First we’ll do the facts, then the emotion, and then the call to action.
Note that what the experts have said for months is wrong. There are not two million dead. Our health care system was not overwhelmed.
There were 10 times the number of ventilators that we needed. Nearly everyone survives and early treatment works. You must not ignore your own life experience. If all you had to do to stop a virus was hold a tissue paper to your face, your ancestors would have learned this centuries ago and your grandmother would have taught you this.
Second is the emotion. Consider that what President Jefferson said 200 years ago that newspapers are propaganda. And also what President Kennedy later pointed out – that it does not matter if the propaganda is a myth or a lie. Kennedy said myth that is persistent and persuasive…realize that just because you believe or feel something is true does not make it true. There has been a massive propaganda campaign to get you to believe something, but you have it within your power to dismiss the propaganda. A simple internet search reveals that no scientist ever believe a mask, let alone a bandana was relevant against a virus right up until covid-19. The myth of masks came from politicians, and when something happens in politics, you can be darn sure it’s done for another purpose.
Third, a call to action to the mask believers who have been angry at people who won’t wear a mask. I call on you now to double your anger, but direct your anger toward those people who have lied to you. It is the people are angry, who have the power to fix the social divisiveness. We need to you to put your anger squarely where it belongs unleash all of your fury on the professional media complex that has lied and lied and lied to you. And the final call of action to all Americans. So-called experts keep telling you that a bandana can stop a virus that is 1000 times smaller than a hair, how stupid do you think we are to all Americans we say we will be fooled no longer. The tiny emperor has no clothes. Thank you.

Dr. Tadero: Hello America
I am Dr James Todaro. I received my medical degree from Columbia University in NY, followed by 4 years of residency training. On these same steps 3 months ago at the last White Coat Summit, I talked about Big Tech censorship, how Google was taking down scientific articles, how YouTube & Facebook were censoring evidence-based medicine. But I’m not here to talk about that today, I’m not here to talk about the censorship of the present, I’m here to talk about the deletion and re-writing of history. Unbeknownst to many, news organizations are deleting articles from the past that no longer fit the narrative of today, the narrative of fear, panic and lockdown.
Case in point: earlier this week I tweeted out a Forbes article called “Why the World Health Organization Faked a Pandemic”. It was a scathing review of the WHO’s over-exaggerated response to the swine flu ten years ago–a ten year old article. I tweeted that out. Based on the content in that article, Covid-19 would be considered one of the mildest pandemics of the last century. About 12 hours after I tweeted out that article, Forbes deleted it from their database. Not Twitter took it down, Forbes deleted its own story from 10 years ago. And that’s going on, unnoticed, continually. These news organizations are deleting history.
Now this should scare you. This is directly out of George Orwell’s ‘1984’. We need to rise up against censorship of the present and also hold news organizations accountable for the past.

I’m Dr. Richard Urso,
I’m a board-certified ophthalmologist. I am part of America’s Frontline doctors and I got involved because early on in this this this pandemic. I realized that we had treatment for this virus. Now my backgrounds in drug Development I’ve done I’ve repurposed drugs for use on the IA, different drugs and actually developed a drug that’s been patented and made it through the FDA. So l looked carefully at this, and I could not believe that we’re going to let patients go without treatment, die, get on ECMO ,and on ventillators.. It made no sense right from the very start. Anybody who said that this made sense at the very beginning to lockdown -it never made sense .
It’s clear that we had treatment now. Let me explain that. What is this? This is a virus right? So we get infection, inflammation, blood clots, and breathing problems. Does any doctor not know how to treat inflammation? Every doctor does. Does every doctor treat infections all the time? Does every doctor treat vascular disease and thrombotic episodes? Absolutely.
Can we fix breathing problems? Of course we can. okay. So that’s why this whole thing was a lie right from the very beginning. Okay. Let me just say that again: Anybody who tells you different – that’s science fiction. Anybody who tells you different, who is a physician – hat’s hypocrisy.
They’re not aware about the Hippocratic Oath about taking care of patients and making sure we keep them from passing away. Okay. So the next thing I want to talk to you about is what’s going on, right now in terms of this testing and this PCR
and what I would call a casedemic. So do we now still continue to have a pandemic? What we’re seeing here right now is we don’t have a pandemic any longer. I’ve got a little chart here and I’ll try to have it available for you, but let me just explain it. Do we do we have a pandemic? Does a pandemic last forever? Never. Our bodies are amazing things. They will fight viruses. They will fight bacteria. They will fight all these things. What we see historically even when we didn’t have weapons that were that great in 1918 & 1957. We have a small peak, I mean a large peak early on
and a lot of people getting cases, a lot of people are dying. About a hundred nine or ten days later, What happens is you get a small peak following up on the here. You’ll see the big pink in March and old small peak in July. And now we’re at the end of that. The pandemic is over. Okay, there’s still going to be people getting sick and they’re still going to be people dying but not a massive numbers. So what do we have right now? What’s the fear? What’s driving the fear?
What they’re doing is they’re taking a test called PCR and they’re driving this whole thing with fear because we have a lot of people of positive cases. You know, some people are smart enough not to not to believe it. The president of Tanzania actually tested a goat, a quail, and a paw paw and they all came back positive. And guess what the paupau wasn’t sick. So let me tell you here’s what we’re seeing. Early on in March -I know it may be hard to zone in on this-we had a lot of cases and a lot of people died now here we are at this time of the year, September
a lot of cases. You see the red there’s very little red there. That’s because they’re basically driving this with fear, and they’re trying to make us believe that we need to stay locked down. The Netherlands – the only reason I brought this one is – look at all these cases and basically nobody’s dying. No one. Okay? And they just locked down again.
How does that make sense? We know it doesn’t.
So America, just know we have treatment. We have things that work. We can treat every part of this disease. We no longer have a pandemic. We’re at the end of the pandemic ,and this fear and loathing is from this driven PCR testing, which is actually false positives. Okay. We need to go back to living our lives and get back to the way we did things in the past. Thank you.
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Thank you. I’m Dr. Lee Merit.
I graduated the University of Rochester New York in 1980. I completed an orthopedic residency, a spine Fellowship, I served 10 years as a military surgeon, and I was on a congressional committee that looked at technology for the Navy. I’m a spine surgeon. I’ve spent 40 years of my life in a mask and I can tell you, in my entire career, as Dr. Gold alluded to, nobody was talking about masks as a control mechanism for viruses.
Now I understand why they can convince people they work because when you put on a mask and you sneeze, you can tell that it hangs onto those sneeze particles.
Unfortunately, the problem is that what makes people sick, what transmits the virus are the little particles you don’t see. The large particles that you catch in a mask. They’re dead virus. If you’re even sick with anything, they’re dead virus. It’s the small invisible .12 micron viruses that sneak out through the mask, around the mask they’re like golf balls going through a tennis net.
Even the very best medical masks cannot screen out, cannot protect you from this kind of small particle virus. The other falsehood they would like you to think is that you spread to people because you cough on them. Nobody coughs on each other. When is the last time you coughed on anybody? What really is happening is -if somebody is diseased and they have this virus, it gets into the atmosphere and the whole air fluidity is filled with little viruses. We have it around us all the time. You can’t mask that away. Now that doesn’t mean there aren’t options. There are treatments was we as we just heard.
There is also environmental mitigation. Turns out humidity is great for this, but masks don’t control viruses they control you. The biggest myth is that they’re not damaging. You hear people say all the time: Well, they may not do much but they’re not really hurting anybody. Yes they are.
Besides what they’re doing to society as a whole, separating us, isolating us, think about what they’re doing to our children. You know, children need to look at faces to learn how to be a human. Reading faces is part of humanity…interacting with people. We are creating a generation of children that have an inchoate fear of things. A four-year-old doesn’t understand what’s going on, and we are making a generation of children that are afraid of their environment. That’s not a way to make a healthy generation. And this is a problem is going to waft into the next generation. We have to stop this now.
We have to take our country back. You know, I think the masks may look like they’re not much. They look like they’re just a little soft piece of cloth over your face. What’s the big deal? The big deal is that they may be soft, and they may look okay, but this is George Orwell’s boot on the human face forever if we don’t get this off. Thank you.
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Hello, my name is Dr. Geoff Mitchell
I practiced bedside clinical medicine for 39 years before the covid-19 virus. I was invited to speak here in July because I was planning a trip to Africa and I began to study and I noticed that the death rates in India and Africa were far lower than United States and this persisted from May through July to the present day. It turns out
a person is 35 times more likely to die of coronavirus in the United States than of malaria endemic in sub-saharan africa. So that’s the reason I was invited to speak here because the government is not looking at this data. We asked them to look at it, and help bring the protection that those people have to the United States. I’m also a lawyer and I’ve noticed the unusual way this pandemic was treated. You’ve all seen it. We call it upside down medicine. From the beginning you were told, don’t go to the hospital, don’t go to your doctor, stay home, take some Tylenol. Maybe if you get really sick you can come to the hospital. This whole idea, you don’t need a diagnosis, you don’t need treatment, is simply backwards & upside down from the way medicine has ever been practiced from the beginning. This failure to diagnose and failure to treat used to be called negligence. We need to let doctors be doctors, we need to let doctors have a relationship with patients and treat patients and not have medicine controlled by bureaucrats, by pharmacy boards and by attorneys-general
and federal prosecutors. We need to put medicine back into the hands of doctors, because we have treatments. There is reason for hope and optimism because we have treatments for Coronavirus. Thank you.

Good morning. My name is Dr. Jeff Barke.
I’m a board-certified primary care physician. I’ve been a private practice for over 25 years.
And I’m also a former 12-year elected School Board member and the co-founder and current chair of a new free public charter school in Orange County, Ca. called Orange County Classical Academy. I’m here this morning to talk to you about children and our schools. We must stop the unnecessary fear that us adults have imposed on our children. The CDC’s own data and the science shows that every school in America should be open. The data is clear from the CDC’s own website. If you’re less than 20 years old, the survivability of covid-19 is 99.997% What does that mean? if you look at the the death numbers in the United States less than 15 years old. There’s been 72 deaths of children in the United States now every death is a tragedy but let’s put this in perspective every year. There’s over 600 traffic deaths in children every year over 350 children drown. Influenza every year in this past 2019 -20 season has taken the lives of 125 children.
Cancer kills more than 1,800 children every year. A child has a greater risk of dying in a car crash going to school then they do have dying from covid-19. Most importantly, the notion that somehow our children spread this virus to at-risk adults just isn’t true. There’s been several studies that have come out recently, including in the Atlantic, where they looked at 200,000 kids and 47 States. The conclusion is kids rarely get ill and they don’t spread this virus to at-risk adults. There’s a German study of over 2,000 students in 13. schools. What that showed & the authors concluded was that, in fact, children act as a break upon the virus spreading to adults. Recently a Yale study came out 50 states 50,000 childcare centers. These children did not have masks on, and there was no evidence that these kids were getting sick or spreading this virus to adults. So the bottom line is this:
schools in the United States must be open. The fear of this virus is causing more harm than the virus itself with increased anxiety, increased suicide, increased depression. We must open the schools and we must stop spreading unnecessary fear to our children. Thank you.

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Hello, my name is Dr. Bryan Tyson.
I am a board-certified Family Medicine doctor. I have over 14 years of E.R. experience and hospital experience. We opened up our own urgent care about two and a half years ago in the rural community of the Imperial Valley El Centro. We were at the heart of the pandemic with one of the highest risk populations in the nation due to our large Hispanic and diabetic population. We border the city of Mexicali which has a hundred 1.5 million residents. We took on the coronavirus head on. We saw over 20,000 patients in person. We treated this virus early. We treated this virus aggressively. And we only had one hospitalization, and we had zero deaths, zero deaths because we were not going to stand by and allow people to die without treatment.
We were told to stop testing. We were told to stop prescribing. But we didn’t. We continue to treat today and we’ve treated over 1,900 positive patients. We treated patients from 11 months old to 90 years old. We treated patients with pulse oximetry less than 90 with chest x-rays that were filled with inflammation and fluid. We sent them home home with treatment. We re-evaluated that treatment and every one of them has survived. I’m here to tell you that the beginning of this we were all afraid, but my staff and myself after going through this and seeing this eye to eye. We are no longer afraid. We can go back to school again. We can go back to work again. We can go back to life again. And we can go back to being Americans again. We do not need to let fear take our freedom.
And that you do not need to walk in fear any longer. Thank you.

Good morning. My name is Dr. Robin Armstrong.
I’m a board-certified in Internal Medicine physician who owns my own practice in Texas. I take care of hospitalized patients. And I also take care of nursing home patients and in my hospital patients. I’ve treated patients with remdesevir [sp?], with actimera [sp?], with IV dexamethasone with convalescent plasma, and we’ve seen a lot of patients die and we’ve seen some of those patients get better. But in my nursing home practice, we have the opportunity to treat & successfully treat our nursing home residents with the safe inexpensive treatment. We use hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc. And those patients got better. These were the frail patients, very sick, elderly patients who got better from this treatment regimen. Now the media, and a lot of fake doctors on television will tell you that hydroxychloroquine is not safe and I’m here to tell you that is an absolute lie. The media has lied and people have died. The president of the United States got early treatment with another therapeutic that operation warp speed made possible.
Early treatment is the key, and there is an inexpensive alternative. We are here today to say that covid-19 does not have to kill . Covid-19 has Therapeutics that you can be treated with if you’re treated early and that you do not need to walk in fear any longer. Thank you.
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Good Morning, I’m Dr. Mark McDonald.
I am a Child and Adolescent psychiatrist practicing in West Los Angeles. I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of children since early 2020. They are all afraid.
Years ago one of our presidents said “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” How did we get from that to:
We must be afraid. Fear is good. Fear is mandated. And worst of all, Fear is virtuous. One step in that direction occurred in the last few months when I began noticing a very odd and unsettling phenomenon. Not only have Americans become afraid, they become infected by a pandemic of hysteria. I’m not talking about the virus. I’m talking about delusional psychosis. A delusion is a fixed false belief contrary to reality. Americans today believe that we must keep our businesses closed, that we must keep our children at home, that we must wear masks over our faces, and isolate ourselves from human beings in order to Keep Us Alive. That is false. That is a lie. And it is killing us. It is killing us physically, mentally, socially, psychologically. It is killing our country and it must stop.
What do we do about this?
How do we change this? When people in elevators are asking you to leave. When flight attendants are telling you to get off the airplane because you’ve been drinking water for three or four minutes without your mask on. When Uber is telling us we have to take a photograph of ourselves with a mask on in order to get into a vehicle.
We’re losing our country.
The way out of this I believe is to reject the masks, to reject the social distancing the isolation, the lies. Most importantly, it’s to reject fear as virtuous. Fear has never been virtue, it has never been good, it has never helped anyone. Truth and courage are our allies in this battle. Not fear. So let’s reject fear. Let’s embrace early treatment, exercise, sunlight, Vitamin D, Zinc.- proven effective irrefutably by science, not by propaganda, not by politics, not by corruption. Let’s take into account thoughts and feelings. Moving in the right direction is not simply enough. We have to also act. We have to act in face of, and in spite of our fear, and do what’s right, and then we can get out of this, and we can move ahead and we can retake our country. We can retake our civil liberties. We can retake our health. Thank you.

Dr. Simone Gold:
Thank you. I stand proudly here as a physician and I’m going to make a direct plea to my fellow Physicians. This is a personal plea from doctor to doctor. It is irrelevant what the talking heads in the media say. They did not go to medical school. They did not complete a residency. They do not see patients. They see money signs and they see their own self-importance. My fellow doctors, our country is in a crisis and there are forces at work using doctors as Tools in their War Games. As a board-certified Emergency Physician working clinically on the front lines, until I was fired for speaking out, I was no different than you. The media would like to say I was different, but you know, I am you. The powers that control medicine have set the rules and most of the time we doctors comply. It is not possible to resist the overwhelming force of government and yet alone amongst human beings. We took an oath to help other human beings. We are truly the noblest of professions.
I ask you now to look deep inside yourself, and remember how proud you feel when you help someone. I say to you now. My Dr. Pierce[?sp?] that the evidence that early treatment works is overwhelming.
You are a physician. You must look at the science yourself. You’re not allowed by a know that you took yourself to follow the orders of another person saying it does not work. Not the CDC. Not the NIH, not the FDA not Dr. Fauci not. Dr. Burke’s [sp?], not Dr. Redfield.
There are nearly 1 million physicians in this country. Each one of us has a moral and ethical obligation to honor an oath that we made to ourselves. The science is in and the results are irrefutable. Early treatment works and you cannot call yourself a physician, if you do not follow the evidence yourself. I will not speculate here as to why the censorship of this exists but because it does you need to know on our website, America’s Frontline Doctors, early treatment, scientific corruption, inaccuracies with testing, mask myths, practicing medicine upside-down, kids in schools, the frail elderly, and most important how to overcome the fear can all be found on our website, on the videos that many Physicians did as a gift to the American people, volunteering their own time and energy. There is no reason to be living in fear. Everyone watching this video knows many people who do very well with early treatment, including our president. Even patients over 70 have a 95% success rate with the virus. But the truth is it could be virtually 100% with early treatment. Even more importantly when doctors start telling the public the good news about early treatment, the public will believe us. Doctors – patients know we only want to help. We are not the government.
Now doctors, it is difficult for anyone to admit when you’ve been on the wrong path. I know of no easy way to soothe your ego. It’s not easy for anyone and it’s twice as hard for a doctor. Still you must. The fate of the nation race rest in the hands of the 1 million of us who had the intellect and knowledge to say enough with the lies. Long ago, you took an oath that has existed for centuries. Your oath is to your patients and to your own conscience. You must follow that. you cannot simply Follow orders. It is disgraceful than information about early treatment is censored. But as a physician, you can read the journals yourself. You can watch the videos here. You are not censored. In our hour of need America calls upon you to serve her. This is not about politics. This is about group think. The way you can serve America is to read to watch, to learn, to reject groupthink. We doctors well know the old adage see one, do one, teach one. Your fellow physicians, America’s Frontline doctors, have brought you the evidence to see.
Today, you must see, you must read, watch, learn. Tomorrow, you must do, treat a patient,correctly honorably and the next day you must teach, teach another doctor or a patient what you know. See one, do one, teach one. In this way, we will heal our nation. To all Americans, when you’re sick, who do you call? Do you call the CDC, the NIH, the FDA? No, you call your doctor.
Don’t believe a bureaucratic agency that is censoring your doctor. Go to our website. Become informed, then go to your doctor knowing that early treatment works. Masks do not, and if your doctor responds with fear, you need a new doctor one who honors the Hippocratic oath. and American Frontline doctor.
colleagues and friends. If you are a true physician and healer, you will stand up and do your duty. you will honor your oath you will not just follow orders early treatment works treat your patients. When you treat your patients, you will heal America. We are America’s front line doctors. We say proudly it on the front of our jackets….and on the backs, too. We have you covered from front to back. We’re here for you. God bless America.