Audi Ulterem Partem!

Dr. Robert W. Malone. Are they vaccines or gene therapies? 11 Nov 2021

United Australia Party chairman Clive Palmer speaks about Big Pharma’s blackmail of a state premier and about media censorship in September 2021.

Professor Jay Bhattacharya, Stanford, September 2021
Discussion of vaccine mandates, campus censorship, politics

RN O’Malley, Sept 2021. A nurse in Phoenix discusses vaccine adverse events and reporting of them

Dr. Steven Pelech, UBC school of medicine, on Rebel News, September 2021

Five Canadian Doctors Discuss the Vaccines and Censorship
Drs Christian, Trozzi, Hoffe, Phillips, Malthouse June 2021

Canadian Doctors on Censorship and Covid-19 Policy Feb 2021
Drs Ashvinder Lamba, Patrick Phillips, Kulvinder Kaur Gill

Canadian Doctors Speak Out 8 March 2021
Top Reasons Not to be Afraid of Covid

Alberta Doctors Hodkinson and Modry speak about Covid-19 policy in April 2021

Dr. Charles Hoffe, B.C. and the Moderna Vaccine, April 2021
(Some of this is included in Five Canadian Doctors Discuss…)

AFLD Various member doctors speak in 2020. (America’s Frontline Doctors)

Virologist Montaigner on Vaccines for variable viruses April 2021

Michael Yeadon, PhD, former science advisor at Pfizer, speaks on mRNA vaccines Apr. 2021

YEADONUNLOCKED on “Lethal Incompetence”, PCR tests & more

Dr. Schöning ARRESTED! November 2020

Dr. Malthouse’s Letter to Ontario Premier Ford, January 2021


ROMAN BABER’s Letter to Premier Ford, 5 February 2021

Over 100 Canadian Doctors Say OPEN THE SCHOOLS! Feb. 2021

AFLD2 Dr. Simone Gold, late 2020, on HCQ and Lancetgate and Covid-19 vaccines, the AFLD’s stand on the vaccines.

Professor Dolores Cahill in Scotland, 5 Sept. 2020

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