No, I don’t Want To Subscribe But….

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I’d like to save our newspapers and to save what used to be high quality journalism as much as anybody, but could they please change their system?

In the course of research, one can end up with snippets from a dozen or more newspapers and magazines. Each one wants us to subscribe.
Each wants our credit card number, which they will hang onto indefinitely. Each wants permission to have that regularly charged. Indefinitely. They assure us we can change that. Experience has taught us not to rely on that, even if prepared to take the time.
Each wants to send us too many emails.
Some are so determined they will not even accept pre-paid gift credit cards, not even registered ones, an otherwise sound solution for defeating recurring payments. Oh, and many have figured out a way to defeat the constantly changing expiry date on regular cards. They have inveigled the banks into giving them that information! Automatic debit is not to be tolerated!!

In contrast, if one seeks information in medical or science journals, there is the option to purchase one article, or to purchase access for one 24 hour period. Not so on the sites of our major newspapers. A few internet sites ask for one time donations, but the only newspaper found that did that was The Guardian. They politely suggested a one-time donation, which was duly given. It is unlikely they kept the credit card number. All they ask is the privilege of sending one email in a year to see if one would like to donate again.

All classic newspapers might consider copying The Guardian’s method. We do not read just one newspaper anymore. We read snippets from everywhere.

That being said, the Covid reporting in MSM has been and continues to be appalling. Grossly sensational and uncritical. One whit said he used to mourn the decline of the newspapers, but now he thinks maybe they deserve to die.

Home, Other Posts Vaccine (Plan B?) Immunity Plan A Transcripts