Professor Dolores Cahill in Scotland, 5 Sept. 2020

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Saving Scotland Rally Edinburgh 5 Sept 2020
This is an unofficial edited transcript of video talk at, surprisingly still not taken down from YouTube. Refer to the source material for any formal rebuttal or citation.

Intro: Our next speaker has come from Ireland. All of the Scottish advisor specialists- if you knocked their heads together you wouldn’t have anyone with the same amount of qualifications. Professor Dolores Cahill is a worldwide immunologist. [Applause]

DC: Thank you everyone. Hello, Scotland.
I’m a scientist and a mother. We’ll reflect for two seconds on why we’re here. We are here for the elderly who have unnecessarily died, for the elderly that are on their own in care homes, in individual rooms not able to come out for weeks, for children who have been told to be fearful of invisible things like viruses and bacteria when there’s absolutely no danger. The people who are wearing the masks have grown up in a world where the people that they elected spoke the truth. They can’t imagine that people, who have good salaries and pensions, and who have been well-educated and call themselves doctors and experts, either know that this is nothing to be fearful of, or if they don’t know, they should know!
My background – my degree is in molecular biology, molecular genetics. I have a PhD in immunology, [a field] where I was trying to find cures for brain tumors. I then went to Munich for two years, and then to the Max Planck institute of Berlin. In the department of Hans Lehrick [spell?]. We were involved in the human genome project. I developed a little chip that you could put thousands of proteins on. Take a drop of blood from someone and diagnose them with an autoimmune disease. Because I saw, in research, there was a lot of time wasted, and f you could diagnose people early, they could make lifestyle changes or get better treatment.
I then started a company, and we were able to develop early diagnostic tests for autoimmune disease and cancer so my life’s work is trying to make people healthy and to not be afraid of diseases.
Six of the top causes of death can be reduced by good nutrition- access to good food and vitamins.
I was also involved in applying my technology to look at people who had recovered from meningitis in Africa. If you could find out the people who made antibodies to meningitis, then maybe you could find proteins that would be
vaccine candidates. Those proteins could then be injected into people as safe vaccines (with no bad things needed) to stimulate the immune response. You CAN have safe vaccines.
We looked at antibodies used in research and in diagnostics and in pathology labs. We were ground-breaking – verifying those antibodies against thousands of proteins. And a lot of these antibodies were not binding what the suppliers and the diagnostic companies were saying. And when we went back to them and said, “Can you amend the scientific record?”
They weren’t willing to, so that started my 20 years of trying to get the scientific community to correct mistakes in research.
There was very little willingness to do that.
Through my career then, I had to decide either to comply and to agree with things that were not right, or to try and stand up for it.
So, I then started to work with the German government and the Irish government & the EU for 15 years now to try and validate medical information and research papers. Because of the challenges and the resistance that I’ve seen… A lot of the time I’m told (which is definitely true now) that my career will not be enhanced, because of what I’m doing.
‘If you go along with things you’ll be promoted, you’ll be a member of a royal academy, you’ll get to chair, more task forces, you know you may even be president of a university.’
In the last 15 or 20 years not enough people within science –it’s unbelievable–are challenging it.
and it goes from the governments and the funding agencies. They’ve known this for 20 years. Part of the learning from this is that we need to be giving 10 or 20 percent of research funding to validate and independently repeat the results, including those Imperial College, London.
I am also here today because, in the first week that my child went to secondary school, which would be about age 12, I came home from a trip to Brussels and she had the information around the HPV vaccine from the school. In the first week of school parents are very busy. The vaccination was going to be on the Wednesday and she had gone to school on Monday. There was no patient information leaflet and I had had an interest in the HPV vaccine, so I spent most of the night researching it. This was about 2013-2014. In the little leaflet it said it’ll only be a little pinprick, there’s nothing to worry about.
In reality–in Ireland, there are 2.2 million women, and about 300 women have cervical cancer every year. I’m just telling you this story, because if you look at the HPV vaccine information leaflet… the chance of getting a cervical cancer at age 50 is one in 10 thousand people, and it’s preventable if you get a smear test.
In the patient information leaflet that parents should be getting [it says] in the clinical trials, fifty percent of the participants in the trial, fifty percent, had new medical conditions. There were so many out of twenty thousand. Ten thousand healthy people went into this cervical cancer vaccine trial & half of them came out with a new medical condition, and one in 50 had a severe adverse event like multiple sclerosis, juvenile arthritis, heart issues and some of the girls have all of these symptoms. And they give the vaccine at age 12. so they live their lives from that age, 1 in 50, with severe adverse events. You have almost 200 times more chance of having an adverse event at age 12, than having cervical cancer 40 years later. If parents knew that information, they would not give that HPV vaccine.
I realized that the departments of education and of health, and your governments, and your regulators, and the entire research community is failing you by not giving you that information.
What could I do about it so I went to visit a renowned [inaudible]I decided I would dedicate 10 years of my life at least to try and get the patient information leaflet to parents. I object also that the schools give vaccines. Parents should be there to watch their children. It turns out the letter came from a nearby vaccine unit. I went there at 8 30 in the morning and asked where’s the patient information leaflet. I was saying that if people knew that they wouldn’t consent to this. I met a few nurses and they shrugged their shoulders. They said nothing. I gave them some of the research publications and I went to work.
At about 12 o’clock I got a call from my school. They said that after, out of about, I think, 12 girls that four of the children had collapsed, and one was in a coma, was unconscious, and then the nurse and the doctor were heading to another school. (They rang me because I’m a first responder and because I was the only parent who didn’t consent.) They asked me if I would come and bring those four girls around to visit their parents. They just gave me a slip of paper to give to each of the parents to say your daughter had an adverse reaction, but they didn’t record it.
I ended up driving the four girls to different parents, saying that, on the first vaccine, if the child collapses that really you should consider not giving a second a third. And each of the parents more or less said we are not anti-vaxx, and they ignored it, and they carried on.
I decided this is wrong.
I also have been involved in setting up a freedom party. It’s really about trying to establish our rights for freedom and truth.
What’s going on is local communities and families against global unelected unaccountable powers. …We need freedom parties, but really we need to challenge what’s going on.
My first video got almost half a million views in six days,
and then it was taken down from YouTube. I do support the BitChute very much, because the founder of BitChute, Ray Vaughan is there as a last resort. I am also very grateful to people like Dave Cullen Computing Forever, Carol Murphy and Roland Croft Gran Torino [spell?] I respect very much Julian Assange and I know he’s here.
And maybe we should give a shout out to our friendly police over there who are there to protect us. They are going to be the front line for the vaccine. You’re saving them because none of the healthcare workers, or children, or anyone should be getting vaccines they’re not safety tested with randomized placebo control clinical trial. [Note: This talk is d/d Sept 2020]
Coronaviruses have been around for hundreds of thousands of years. In the same way they picked the wrong molecule –carbon dioxide is not a major contributor to global warming/ climate change. I saw earlier that a lot of the research antibodies were not correct and that it was difficult to change the incorrect record.
I spent about 12 years looking into carbon dioxide. The societal changes that they want to make around carbon dioxide are not necessary and not based on good science.
We have evolved with viruses and each one of us have around 300 million million viruses in each of our bodies. Around seven coronaviruses cause some type of symptoms in humans. It has been studied for 20 years. Coronaviruses cause symptoms from December until April and because of the change in humidity and temperature and sunshine, and that we get vitamin D. After April, people do not really have symptoms and die from coronaviruses. [Applause] That means that the deaths from May onwards to December cannot be dying of coronaviruses. Full stop.
and so we don’t need to test so this –if anyone watched the Dave Cullen one, I gave the graph that showed that there were three circulating influenza or flu causing viruses this winter, influenza B, influenza B, and SARs-CoV-2. (Covid 19 is the disease.) So if the government was testing for influenza B, you would be getting thousands of positives. right? So every time you see the BBC [boos] and the same for [inaudible, unclear]
…really they’re wasting our money because as I’ve been saying, if you don’t have symptoms you’re probably not going to end up in hospital, and if you’re not in hospital you’re not going to die. There is no need to be testing people that have no symptoms, so stop the testing. [Applause]
Coronaviruses – there are thousands of them, and also they weaken as they go into different people. They mutate and generally those mutations make them weaker and that’s why as well you have less symptoms. Also the coronavirus is also the common cold. They’re 20 percent the same.
Does anyone remember SARs? 17 years ago? That is eighty percent the same as this one, SARs-CoV-2 so it’s now called SARs-Cov-1.
I have a different way of looking at the viruses. When we say viruses circulate, they tested it in Japan, in China, all the way across the world, South Korea, and Europe, and America and Australia, all over the world. These viruses circulate, generally between December and April, but actually this one probably started in October, November [2019].
What was the government doing in March, trying to stop the circulation of an invisible virus?
I hate to break it to you guys, governments cannot stop viruses circulating.
If any of you remember, if any of you had a number of bad flus like I had in December and January, that was probably influenza B, influenza A and and coronavirus, SARs-CoV-2. You can have multiple viruses in your body at the same time.
Really, we developed globally heard immunity against this virus probably in January, February, March [2020].
Everybody got it already by then.
What i’m saying now is that really, first of all there was no first spike, because on the 11th of March ,and this is really important, when they declare the pandemic the World Health Organization (if you google director general pandemic declaration world health organization the 11th of March 2020), he said out of the population of the whole world, on the second line, i.e., over seven thousand million people, or seven billion people, that 4,291 people had died. Four thousand people.
And every day in the world, 150,000 people die. and so that worked out at 56 people a day. But a thousand people a day die of influenza in 2020, each day. 3 000 people die of tuberculosis a day. From November-December to March, 4 000 people, 56 people a day.
The legal and political significance of that is it was one percent of the annual deaths in the world from influenza causing viruses almost at the end of the of the virus season.
So there was no need to call a pandemic. This is all wrong.
As you know about 40 countries have contacted me and I’ve been in touch with about 15 countries and Germany and Italy and Spain and another group of countries they have about another 10 countries and we’re now coming together as about 20 countries and each country has its public inquiry, but we’re also trying to set up a mechanism led by Germany, and the three million people that went to the rally. What we’re doing is –we don’t have to get into it– but everybody knows that really the politicians, the media, the health system, the education system, the regulatory system, the civil service, they all have the benefit of your hard-earned taxes, but they’re not doing their job. [Applause]
And, really, shame on them. What we are doing though is that in each country also the legal system and the court system are not really protecting our rights, and the ministers in every state – so in our grouping of countries we have people from Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico as well as European countries.
We talked to people in May, and they had the exact same pattern -that people, the elderly were not treated properly, people with Covid were put into the care homes, they were denied proper treatments. Interestingly as in Scotland, in the same weeks, the doctors were taking huge doses of morphine almost lethal doses in multiple countries, in the same weeks. Instead of the elderly in the care homes getting preventative treatments like inhaled steroids, interferon and hydroxychloroquine, they were given morphine.
So this is this is wrong, but when each of us from the countries have the same pattern that results in excess deaths, in one country the inquiry might be thwarted. This is why we need your help. It may take us a few months to do, but if we can show a similar pattern in multiple countries- and if one country.. (So in Germany the rally organizers have told me that sixty percent six zero percent of the German population are awake. 60%!)..
there will have to be peaceful and democratic change in those countries, so you can have more marches, so three million people is a significant proportion. Maybe up to 10% of the German population at the next rally, and they will have to seek peaceful and political change. Then what they can do -if it even happens in one country, or maybe it will happen in Scotland- is to hold the prime minister and the minister for health to account.
I/ we hundreds of scientists have offered to be witnesses in those inquiries all around the world, so people who are my friends for many years as you know Sherry Tempani [sp?] and heros like Judy Mikovits [Applause]
Really I think the main thing is the virus does not cause death. if you did not have the politicians, the media, and the World Health Organization, the death rate would have been -obviously all deaths are sad- we wouldn’t have noticed an increased death rate.
So the death rate, when they called it was the chance of dying on may the on the 11th of March 2020 was one in 1.8 million -that was the chance of dying.
If you’ve looked into this for 20 years as I have, you may think (being kind to the politicians) that this was a once-off.
But, there was a big kind of media campaign around SARs in 2002, 2003. They were saying things like the case fatality rate is three percent or 3.4% so you would have thought, well, that’s three out of 100 would die.
But the game is that if you want to create fear, you actually test very low numbers. So say if you have 770 people that die of a virus, but if you only test 10 times that amount -they divide the number of people that die by the number of tests, so you can get a fatality rate of one in ten.
What I was saying in my first interview and all along is that because these viruses circulate –in SARs, they had 40 countries where they tested it- but really that virus has circulated all over the world, so it’s actually in over 200 countries, and the number of deaths in the world, even though they were saying it had this case fatality rate of 3%,
in the whole world back then, it was 770 people died in out of 7 billion. So back then, the chances of dying of SARs was one in eight million. The chances of dying of SARs-2 this year is one in 1.8 million. Your chance of dying of a heart attack and cardiovascular disease is one in three, your chance of dying of cancer is one in 3. Your chance of being struck by lightning is about one in 120,000. In Ireland (4 million people ) under 65, the risk of dying from Covid 19 under 65 is two people in a million so eight people in Ireland have died who are healthy, eight people under 65. so two in a million so there’s absolutely no need for this. There never was. There wasn’t a first spike, and people like Professor Denis Rancourt have shown that the deaths are in a peak in all the countries directly after the date of the lockdown.
And they know that. They know that if you isolate elderly people, and if you frighten people in care homes, and you withdraw them from their families, that you will get preventable, unnecessary deaths.
We have to do is to learn from that. I know it’s tragic. if we are to be successful, we have to end this unnecessary anti-social distancing, end the masks, and go into the care homes and help your loved ones.
We’re all brothers and sisters here, Celtic cousins, you can tell from my red hair, the fightin’ Irish, the fightin’ Scottish.
I’ve been saying all along, this is not about the virus, it really never was. Look back at some of the press conferences from our various politicians. If you look at how they speak and if you look in their eyes and you listen to the BBC and RTE and channel 4. (actually we have to give it up for Sky News Australia) Fabulous. [Applause]
I knew from January, because I was involved in running one of these biosafety labs, and we knew the benefit of hydroxychloroquine. In a biosafety lab, even if you’re dealing with infectious agents, you don’t wear a mask because you have reduced oxygen and increased carbon dioxide, and if you get dizzy in a biosafety lab….
When I was doing work with ricin, you sign that if you die they won’t call an ambulance because the person that goes in to save you may die. So you don’t really want to be wearing a mask. When you wear a mask your carbon dioxide 52:04 levels go up so high that actually it’s above the OSHA levels for safe working. We employ a safety lodge. Now you can wear a visor so you don’t get splashed by something that’s going to go into your skin, but we’ve known all this since the 20 years ago since I started working in those labs. We have to ask why are the public health officials around the world recommending masks for people who are already afraid and elderly, where they might actually fall ,and if you fall and you’re elderly you might break your hip, and you will die very quickly.
On any level morally, ethically, from the research, we should not be wearing masks.
As you know if they was no need for [broadcasting?] a first wave, the virus isn’t killing people, if we didn’t have the media and political and regulatory hype, –and there are people who are going to make a lot of money out of this– then we wouldn’t have known that SARs-Cov-2 was a virus that existed.
Then you have to say, what are they doing? And we have to say as well there is no basis, no scientific basis and I’m happy to be challenged, I’m happy to stake my reputation, and there’s a hashtag debatedolores, so i’m very happy to uh debate uh Nicholas Stoughton [spell?] [Applause] and Gene Freyman [spell?], your minister and all of the scientists, and if i’m wrong, I will admit it but i’m actually happy to stake my reputation.
So what they’re doing is actually trying to change our habits. Our face and our smiles are actually the things that we communicate to each other. Ninety percent of communication is non-verbal .
For children to be in a world where they’re missing the smiles of their families and their neighbors…? What you can do, in your own lives as one person, as one parent, as one grandparent as one aunt, and uncle and in your families and communities, as one person say NO to the masks.
NO equals freedom. This morning and I went through Dublin airport and smiled at everyone. No one said anything, went through customs – smiles. They were really nice to me. They’re linguists, right? I was probably one of three people in the airport that wasn’t wearing a mask. But they did not say anything to me.
The values that I hold dear are truth and freedom. And the truth of this is you’re harming your health, you’re reducing your immune system. There’s no need to wear a mask.
Say No to distancing. Distancing is
disconnecting, so say No to distancing. Say No to health immunization passports. …[?] I will leave my number with the organizer and if anyone for their job is forced to fill in one of those health immunity passports say no and I will come over and be a witness for you guys for free.
Freedom looks like hugging your grandparents, visiting them in the care homes, hugging your children going to weddings with as many people as you want. We should be getting the message to the elderly in the care homes today is that they should have their family around them, they should not die alone.
I think multiple failures have happened. In the education system, we have to take a good hard look, because they are not teaching this generation about the importance of freedom of speech. [Applause]
It was always said, if you want to know you know who’s in power, see who’s censoring. We’ve all felt censorship. It’s very hard because even the teenagers and my daughter’s generation associate freedom of speech with hate speech.
So these guys have done a great job in manipulating. it’s very Orwellian what’s going on I think it’s tragic that the elderly in the care homes now are in rooms on their own. If this is not necessary why are the politicians doing it? Why would the nurses and doctors? In Ireland, there’s a very brave doctor just as you have here, Dr De Bruyne [sp?] . He’s speaking out and he resigned his position on one of the medical councils. He resigned for the exact same reason -that they were not giving treatments and that these do-not-resuscitate orders are shocking, and that they go against all the values that we hold dear, that people should be given proper medical treatment irrespective of their age.
[applause] I said in other speeches I think the game changer, when they look back in 100 years, will be hydroxychloroquine [Applause]
I m a believer in not only truth and freedom, but the free market so what I would be saying to you, something practical to do is maybe to find doctors because hydroxychloroquine in Ireland and all over the world is still prescribed for arthritis and lupus. It’s one of the safest medicines in the last 50 years. It’s an essential medicine the WHO calls it an essential medicine of the world, which means that it can’t run out because it’s so important. It has been used against malaria, autoimmune diseases, and viruses for over 60 years. It’s approved by the FDA. It was never in short supply. The adverse events were non-existent, about five in a hundred thousand. In all of the studies as a prevention and early treatment it saved nearly everyone.
So really we don’t need any of these social measures because we have a treatment.
I would just say to the pharmaceutical industry the kind of message that they don’t want to get, because 70% of pharmaceutical industry profits are from vaccines. One of the CEOs of a vaccine company, 20 years ago when the clinical trials were failing,
(I was thinking at the time, no wonder they’re failing because all of the reagents they’re using to do the research are not actually specific to what they’re supposed to be. There’s a lot of junk science.)
he said, why are we doing research developing drugs for diseases people have? Why don’t we give them something for diseases, like chronic diseases that we have treatments for? So they started building their market, and if any of you have looked, some of the highest adverse events associated with vaccines that have metals in them like titanium, cobalt, steel, aluminium, mercury for 20 years -mercury is one of the top 10 most toxic ingredients in the world, up there with uranium and asbestos.
Babies don’t really develop any immune system until nine months, if not until three years. In some countries like Ireland they are injecting a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease on day one. And most vaccines don’t last more than eight years, and they contain aluminium. Often the babies have a hard time getting rid of the aluminium from their body. they are crying, upset, they have headaches, and they’re suffering adverse events, [hindering] the natural bonding between the baby and the mother. There should be no injection of vaccines for babies and they should be safety tested.
Re: the government, and the World Health Organization – I’m a believer in democracy and accountability. All of the governments and the medical organizations are saying the WHO are telling this. They are not elected and not accountable. Also every second week they have a different thing. The WHO and Fauci said No Masks
when coronaviruses were at the peak circulation, and then in the summertime, whent here’s no death, we have masks.
Not only are they exaggerating the fear, but they’re creating confusion. Confusion reigns when there are lies. Truth,we know it can be verified, so when you see complicated lies and mistruths and the research can’t be validated, this is not science, this is not the way to govern. This is not accountable.
We need to bring back democracy to our local nations, and to fight for freedom.
What can you do? When you see someone with a mask, especially an elderly person, rather than feeling challenged about it, try and have kindness and respect in your heart, because the agenda of the governments, multiple governments, is to create division.
We are hearing now they want to have a lockdown in London on the 21st of september [2020] to prevent further rising in rallies, and to prevent our free speech and freedom of assembly. The other thing that they’re talking about potentially on the agenda is Covid 20 and Covid 21,
Or maybe they might say botulism or anthrax. It’s important that you understand and not be afraid of this. Our immune system if you are well nourished, you can fight off most of these bacteria and viruses. If your doctor gives you proper treatment, you will be able to survive so there could be Covid 20, Covid 21. There could be botulism. The other thing
they may do is to contaminate hydroxychloroquine. So it’s important that you know that. Then for the vaccines -if the children or adults are getting them, the first one could just be saline with very little in them. Then, they’ll say, you see there’s no problem. Then it could be that the second or third vaccine is contaminated. What we’re asking for, but we don’t have any funding for it. We’re trying to figure out if we can do it. We need a collection of countries that, before anybody injects anything, that every one in 100 or 1 in 500 the vaccines are taken randomly and analyzed. No one should accept that someone comes along with the vaccine that’s not safety tested, that you don’t get fully informed consent.
You are only maybe in your families or communities one in a hundred, or one in fifty. Maybe when you come to this rally or the next one, that you could set up a table for each of your shires -our counties- and then if you’re the only one in your little shire, you could sign your name to say I’d like to be connected.
On a positive note, you are the leaders, right, you are here. It might take us one year, two years, 10 years, 20 years, but we will have a world where our children are educated to be the best that they can be, [Applause] They will be critical thinkers and they will be saying: challenge me, debate me, not destroying and censoring people and clamping down on freedom of speech. We should have it that children are encouraged to be innovators, and to create businesses and to be independent of the state.
They will also be told why they should be independent of the state, because what we’re watching is history in the making .
This is the powers-that-be going from free democratic societies in the year 2000, to try to have tyranny, locking people in their homes for no reasons. The wearing of masks, social distancing, don’t hug your children and your neighbors, don’t hug your friends, don’t hold hands of your elderly when they’re dying, do not decide how many people can come to your house, whether you can sit on a park bench, whether you can attend the funeral of a loved one, whether you can celebrate the joys of life, group activities.. We’re watching history in the making .
In the next 2, 5, 10, 20 years people will look back on 2020 as not being the tipping point of fear, but to be the tipping point of a new world a world for truth and freedom and freedom of speech. [Applause]

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