Five Canadian Doctors on Covid Vaccines and on Censorship

Five Canadian doctors speak on the vaccine rollout and on censorship.
Dr Mark Tozzi, Dr Stephen Maltose, BC, Dr Francis Christian, Sask., Dr Charles Hoffe, BC Interior,  Dr Patrick Phillips, Ontario, 
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First published 4 June 2021   Channel: Host: Didi Vergados
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DV: Hello and welcome, everybody. My name’s Didi Vergados.
Today I’ll be hosting a roundtable discussion on the roll-out of the experimental vaccines under emergency order. We’ll be discussing the effects that these fine doctors we have here today have seen as a result of the vaccine.
We’re also going to be addressing questions and concerns regarding the experimental vaccines that are being administered, not just to the public, but also to children.
Welcome doctors.
First, we have Dr. Mark Trozzi. He’s a 25-year veteran, emergency doctor and critical resuscitation instructor. He was on call in multiple emergency units, including a covid-designated site. But since the onset of the so-called pandemic until February, 2021, he now refuses to participate in the unethical and unscientific practices imposed by covid politics. He has removed himself from all his normal clinical work, dedicating himself to full time research, public education, and activism.
Next, we have Dr. Stephen Malthouse, an integrative medicine physician who’s been practicing in British Columbia for 42 years. He’s taken a year off to investigate the dubious Public Health policies that have been rolled out across Canada and around the globe.
DV: We have Dr. Francis Christian, who is a practicing surgeon for over two decades now. As well as a professor of surgery at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, he’s also the director of the Department of the Surgeries Surgical Humanities program, and editor of the journal The Surgical Humanities.
[Update: Dr. Christian was fired from his teaching position, after questioning
the issue of informed consent for Covid vaccinations for children.  Story at

We have Dr. Charles Hoffe, who’s been a rural GP practicing family medicine, and emergency medicine for 31 years in the interior of British Columbia. After seeing a very high incidence of vaccine injuries in his own patients caused by the Moderna vaccine, he’s been trying to raise awareness. Unfortunately, because of this, he’s been threatened, discredited, and disciplined by the authorities for the crime of causing vaccine hesitancy. As a result, he is no longer permitted to
work as an emergency room physician, but he can work in his private practice.
[Update: Dr. Hoffe’s small village was burned to the ground during the BC heat wave.]

Finally, we have Dr. Patrick Phillips, Dr. Phillips is a family and emergency room physician in Englehart, Ontario. He’s been very unspoken on the harms of the lockdowns and the public health measures. Thank you for all being here.
DV: So let us begin with Francis Christian. You feel that there’s been an assault on science with regards to everything from the Covid measures to the roll-out of the vaccines. Can you please explain?

——————————–Dr. Francis Christian
FC: I certainly do. I want to start off by saying that I’m pro-vaccine. I’m a pro vaccine physician. I have vaccinated all my kids. I believe in vaccines. I’ve looked at the history of vaccination…the eradication of smallpox. Vaccines have been a great blessing for humanity in many ways. but this vaccine or whatever we call it, because I don’t think it can be called a vaccine. It’s not being made like a vaccine. We’ll have more to say about that later.
This experimental injection is unlike anything we’ve seen before. I’m going to say to you that initially, I wasn’t like this during this pandemic. I wanted to do my bit about this pandemic, I looked at the lockdowns that were happening and so on and I said, maybe we should get a handle on this virus. And then I found back in May, or maybe even in April, for the first time ever in my career, they were censoring us.
FC: They were censoring world experts. They were pulling them off YouTube. They were pulling them off Twitter. The Lancet started writing political editorials supporting one presidential candidate. Never before, I believe, in the history of the Lancet, or the New England Journal of Medicine have they made an overt recommendation for US voters to vote for one particular candidate.
FC: And then they started de-platforming world-renowned ICU experts. If you look at the composition of theFLCCC, which is the FrontLine Critical Care Doctors of America, []
It includes people like Pierre Kory, who has written the definitive book on point of care ultrasound, which is still used by hundreds of thousands of doctors all over the world. It has Paul E. Marik, in it, who is the second most quoted, published ICU physician ever. And this is this is really ironic, because it has G. Umberto Meduri, who is Italian origin. I did I believe he’s now in Tennessee, he is
the inventor, the father of the non-invasive ventilation protocols that ICUs use all over the world using, including for Covid.
FC: So these are the guys in the FLCCC. And they’re censoring them.
There was a YouTube video that Pierre Kory, the ICU expert, put out. It was on Ivermectin and its use, and how useful it is in both preventing and treating Covid. It lasted only a few hours and YouTube pulled it down.
So what are they hiding? These are the sort of questions, I started asking myself, what are they hiding? Why are de-platforming experts like Martin Kulldorf? He’s a professor at Harvard. His software is still used by epidemiologists. Such a basic star in epidemiology – and they were and they still are censoring him.
So what are they hiding? And these these are the things that started at me on this journey. I am a guy of science. I want to follow the science, I want to see what the evidence is, and this is the pledge I’ve taken for my patients. So I think there is a very strange and very sinister thing going on all over the world. Scientists are being shut down. Experts are being de-platformed. Why is this? This is the question the public must ask. Should you believe these guys who are telling us…people like [Neil] Ferguson from England who made all these ridiculous models? Should we be believing Fauci, who’s been lying to us through his teeth and who now, the media says, was wrong about the origins of the virus?
FC: Or should we be believing the FFCCC? The Frontline Critical Care. Physicians, acknowledged experts.. Martin Kulldorf, Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford… These latter, Pierre Kory, Paul Marik, Umberto Madhuri, are the acknowledged world experts. These are the guys who have been censored and de-platformed.
And these [others] what I would like to call fraudulent physicians, Ferguson and Fauci, are being given all the prominence. What is going on?
FC: Having studied the control of population in the Soviet Union. I think this is exactly the Soviet Playbook, the soviets conditioned everybody by fear. And the fear that there was, oh, if I don’t follow the party line, my neighbor will disappear. I will disappear. I’ll be sent off to Siberia. Or in my street here. If everybody doesn’t follow the party line, everybody would know of somebody who is being in prison or before a firing squad. This was even more brilliant, because they
unleashed this virus. This so-called pandemic on the world and conditioned everybody with fear.
So once everybody is conditioned with fear, children, parents, adults. it’s much easier to feed them lies. Then the public wants to believe what these experts say because everybody is after self-preservation.  
I just want to close this segment of my little essay on the assault on science by recalling 1968.
FC: Many of us know 1968 as Woodstock year, the greatest rock festival ever. (Or, if you don’t
believe that, that’s fine too.) It was a seismic event, 400,000 kids congregated for a rock concert and questioning The Narrative . Not many people know that it happened during a pandemic. It was called the Hong Kong flu. They were no lockdowns. Schools didn’t close. There was no such hysteria. But I gotta tell you, if you look at even Wikipedia, if you’d look at the death rate for the Hong Kong flu of 1968, 1969 -I believe it ended in 70- it’s between 1 million and 4 million people.
And that was a proper pandemic. (I don’t even know whether this is a real pandemic, or whether it’s manufactured by a PCR test. I don’t know. I’m just following the science.)  But there were one to four million deaths. That’s documented. And if it’s four million that is more, than the number of people who died of Covid. I think it is now standing at 3.5 million.
FC: There were no lockdowns. No schools were shut. No masks, for kids, no vaccines for kids, life carried on as usual. So what is our tolerance of risk? Should really be vaccinating against sadness, against sore throats, against scratching discomfort behind the ear?   I mean, this is ridiculous. Should we be vaccinated against headaches? What is a tolerance of risk? What are we doing to ourselves as a society? I mean, 1969, again one year of the Hong Kong flu when presumably, it was affecting a lot of people, was also the year of the moon landing. It was also the year when the Concord took off. We remembered these events.
So how will we remember 2020 and 2021? I think we’ll remember it as the Age of fear. Not a good thing for civilization, and not a good thing for society. And with that, I’ll stop and let my learned colleagues talk about the Covid system.

DV: Thank you, Dr. Christian. So next I’m going to go to Dr. Trozzi. You, and many of you on this call today, have sacrificed personally to bring this message to the public. So I thank you for that. Dr. Trozzi, you’ve actually walked away to spend full time studying this. So what have you come up with regarding this experimental vaccine and specifically how it affects one’s immune system? And
children as well?

—————————–Dr. Mark Trozzi
MT: Let’s look at sort of the big picture of where we are and how we got here. We have a constant barrage of mainstream media, telling us that there are many cases of Covid in generating fear, and this is based on PCR, polymerase chain reaction tests. We now know, as the inventor of the test said this cannot really diagnose disease and should not be used as a single determinant of disease. We know that people who may have a positive test, but who don’t have symptoms. They are not sick and they’re not spreading a disease. That’s a lie, asymptomatic spread is a lie. We know that and yet people are being told, there’s more cases, there’s more cases. As well, people are being told there’s more deaths and there’s more death and yet, when you look at global statistics, what you find? Even if you just look at the big and obvious statistic, how many people are dying, every year in countries .You do not see more people dying starting in 2020. I fear with these injections that there will be. Now, that could be manipulated another way against the unsuspecting masses. What you find is essentially the same number of people dying, but a lot of
them being called Covid and a lot of things that people used to die of appear now to not exist. This correlates with what has been described very by physicians all over the world including the States and Canada as the pressure to diagnose death as Covid.
MT: So someone dying with a positive nose swab, or a doctor saying, well I suspect Covid, we’ll call it Covid. That has created these two scary numbers ―cases and deaths. So people believe, misinformed, that there’s lots of cases of Covid and lots of deaths from Covid.  Those are not real. Have people died of Covid? For sure. Have people people died with the flu? For sure. Although again in this shifting of statistics, it now looks like very few people die of the flu anymore because they die of Covid. In fact, less people die of cancer because they appeared to die of
Covid. There’s even cases of motorcycle crashes being diagnosed as Covid. So the shifting of statistics―people need to be aware of it, to look at the real big number. I did a briefing on this little video called ‘Canada, How is this a Pandemic?’
This is the reason why years ago, following swine flu, when charges were brought, accusations by official organizations were brought against the World Health Organization for creating a false pandemic. The WHO removed one of the clauses that you need to claim a pandemic which is that has kill a lot of people. They just removed it. So it does not have to and they can still call it a pandemic. Yet we all understand what should a pandemic mean. It needs a lot of people sick and
dying. I mean it’s going to be an emergency, it needs emergency. So the establishing of this emergency situation,
MT: became the reason for all the authoritarianism, because when you’re an emergency, well, suddenly it’s a different set of rules. Civil liberties are suspended. You have people locked in their home. People are locked out of their businesses, people are going broke, people are not allowed to see their mother, grandmother, hug their kids. You have children not allowed to show their face. They have to wear a mask everywhere. They have to be socially distanced, isolated, denied
education, denied sports. All this stuff is justified by a medical emergency that doesn’t really exist.  It certainly does not exist to the extent to justify any of this. Now, everyone is being told to take an injection and when you look at the real numbers, the risk of getting and dying of Covid is tiny. I mean for children, it’s on par with being struck dead by lightning and yet people aren’t wrapping
their kids in rubber and hiding them in the basement, right? Based on false fear, people are being coerced into unknowingly volunteering in a medical experiment, which is what these injections are.
MT: The more study that I do, and the more study that a lot of scientists are doing on the science―these injections are terribly dangerous. Anyone who’s properly informed would say, why on earth would I take a dangerous experimental injection, promoted by people who have clearly proven they’re not worthy of our trust, for a cold that’s really not much risk to me. And I have a healthy immune system. This is another obvious thing that people should realize. Anyone who was really trying to save people from Covid, would have just given good advice about how to be healthy, how to have a good immune system. There were people doing that. But I have yet to hear the likes of the politicians or of medical officers tell people about getting fresh air and eating colorful vegetables and getting exercise and making sure they get enough rest and vitamin D, all these things. A few
countries in the world actually did save lives by giving out a very affordable medicine Ivermectin, which turned out to have profound effects and to reduce death and disease dramatically. And yet we live in a corner where it’s been suppressed and denied the people. Say you have a mild illness which is really not significant risk to almost everybody being used to conjure up fear.  People being denied safe treatments ―there are multiple ones that should be available in case they are one of those rare people who get sick. Instead, they’re being herded to
take an experimental at best, injection, which clearly is dangerous and is being administered in violation of the Nuremberg Code, which makes it a crime against humanity.
——————————-Dr. Patrick Phillips
DV: Next, I’d like to move on to Dr. Phillips, because you have seen some of the adverse effects due to the injection in the emergency room, have you not?
PP: Absolutely I have.. So we had our vaccine rollout, beginning our community here around March [2021]. And honestly, in hours to weeks afterwards, I’ve seen some some devastating effects, I’ve had one woman in her 70s who came come down with a high fever. She became confused and within four hours of the vaccine her left arm and completely numb. And she was no longer able to function. She had to be hospitalized after that. I’ve had one man, in the few weeks, after the vaccine, this man in his 50s, he was driving along to work. All of a sudden
he came down with debilitating vertigo and, and ringing in his left ear. He was no longer able to drive. And after that point, he was no longer able to walk. I unfortunately don’t have long-term follow up on all these patients, working in the emergency department. That would be helpful information. But it was certainly a disabling condition when I saw him.
PP: I’ve seen many people with a very strange rash that appears at the site of the injection. When we consider with a lot of vaccines, a lot of them will produce some redness and swelling at the site of injection. But this rash that I’m seeing with these vaccines is something totally different. They appear, not at the time of the vaccine, but within about seven to fourteen days. They come up with a ring-like lesion that will actually spread. In one woman that I saw, it was covering the whole upper arm. I’ve also seen some that even months after the vaccine, they still have that ring, which is concerning for sure. I’ve seen elderly patients who again came confused, and were no longer able to function, had to be admitted to the hospital. Even worse, I’ve seen a woman younger than myself, a mother of two, develop numbness and weakness in her left arm. The numbness actually
went in her into her face and into her left leg as well. In my mind, I would consider that a stroke until determined otherwise. I did get a CT on her which does not rule out stroke because often strokes don’t show up on a CT. I ended up having to send her to the stroke prevention clinic and start her on dual antiplatelet therapy to prevent a further stroke. Again, I don’t have the long-term follow-up on that condition. Just recently, very sad, I saw one woman in her fifties, within one week of getting the Pfizer vaccine, who came in unable to speak, completely flaccid on one side of her body. I sent her for a CT and there was a devastating hemorrhagic stroke that likely will prove fatal.  It was awful. Her blood pressure was through the roof, and she did not have any pre-existing medical conditions. This is a woman who if she actually caught Covid likely would have been
completely fine. Honestly, the affects I’m seeing from these vaccines are devastating. If you look at the full data, the deaths are piling up in the VAERs [USA] system. Now over I believe three to five three to four thousand at this point. And if you look at previous vaccines that have been on the market ―the swine flu vaccine of 1976 was pulled after 50 deaths.
PP: Now there are thousands and I’m seeing devastation and lives that are being either lost or ruined and even if those are “rare”, the effects are devastating, and it’s certainly not worth it for these poor patients.
I want to mention something else as well, that I’m very concerned about. The
first five vaccinations Adverse Events that I saw, as required by law, I reported these to Public Health through our adverse-event-following-immunization- reporting program. All five of my first reports that I sent in to Public Health were all rejected. I have here a letter from the Medical of Officer of Health in my district of Timiskaming who advised me that all five of my reports were rejected
saying that they don’t meet criteria for an adverse event following immunization, and that I should follow their reporting system, which is basically basic 32-page manual basically defining what counts and what does not.
PP: The fact that some of those even showed up within hours of the vaccine, and they were rejected. Not only that ―here on this document that I will be able to send to you. (I’ve posted it publicly on my Twitter for the public to see, because I believe this is a very much as a public safety issue.) Not only were they rejected, but they contacted those patients and told them that they did not have an adverse effect from this vaccination. Therefore they were not warned, that they are more likely to have an adverse effect following the second dose. In my mind that’s grave medical malpractice, because those patients were specifically, put at risk of having worse harm, because we all know, and the data is clear, that the adverse effects are much worse after the second dose, and patients who’ve had harmful effects from the first definitely should not be getting a second.
That said, I don’t think anybody should be getting these vaccines.
——————————–Dr. Stephen Malthouse
DV: Thank you. Next. let’s go to Dr. Malthouse. Dr. Malthouse, talk to us a little bit about what’s going on with the children.
SM: Right. As people probably know this vaccine ―it’s not really a vaccine, it doesn’t prevent contagion, doesn’t prevent you from getting it or giving it. People are in kind of an illusion that this is going to allow them to get back to normal and to do things as they did before. That’s not going to happen because if they’re concerned about contagion, it will still exist.
I just wanted to add something to what Patrick said. In Canada, the public cannot directly report Adverse Events. They have to go through their doctor. The problem with that is ―just as Patrick said― the doctors get their reports rejected, but also many doctors are unwilling to to send in these reports. That’s because, first of all, they are not giving the shots. They are being given through Public Health. So it kind of bypasses a doctor. He’s not seeing the immediate effects. When people come back, two weeks later, saying, hey, my face is paralyzed…
As doctors we’ve been taught to think that all vaccines are safe and effective, right? So, you know, without actually examining them, then we think that no, that’s not possible, it’s some other cause. It could just be a coincidence. So a lot of a lot of times, these reports are not going in, and when they do, they’re sent back because you didn’t fill out a little section, such as the Lot number on page one.
SM: So, I would say that Adverse Events reported in Canada, are completely inaccurate. We know that in the VAERs ( vaccine adverse event reporting system) in the United States, it’s either between one and ten percent of reports, so if we have over 4,000, deaths reported, it could be as
many as 400,000 [most likely he meant 40,000]  associated with vaccination there. That’s a lot of people, right? If someone dies in your family, you may not connect it. If you’re sick in bed, you may not be able to get to the doctor to report. You may wait, and if it’s a minor one, it may take time to go away. Then you think, well, what’s this, and let’s not worry about it.
As Dr. Philips was saying, despite obvious connections that anyone with common sense would see, some people are being told by their physicians and by the specialists to go ahead get the second shot.
SM: We do know, and what Dr. Trozzi was saying, that with pathogenic priming [same as ADE]  that it could be, that the second shot, as it did in the trials, is going to cause much worse outcomes in terms of adverse effects than the first one did. And if you get the natural affection later, it’s going to be maybe even worse with this pathogenic priming.
Now we’re aiming for kids. The Pfizer one in Canada, has been okayed for 12 to 17 year olds.  Previously, it was 18 and up. We’re already seeing in adults lots and lots of adverse events in adults. Imagine what it’s like in kids. First, as Dr. Trozzi was saying, the death rate of children is statistically zero, right? They do have illnesses, but it’s very mild. [Inaudible, unclear.]
It could be because of the way their immune systems function that covid disease doesn’t occur. Here we are approaching kids that don’t that don’t need this type of treatment, they don’t need a vaccine. We also have treatments which can be used for kids that are sick, such as Ivermectin, which are being blocked by Health Canada and by the experts. So we don’t really need this shot, and yet we’re targeting them. And we can’t target them from the basis that it will prevent it from being spread by them, because the shots do not prevent contagion. They haven’t been shown to prevent the transfer of the disease from one person to another, so you can’t use as an excuse.
SM: so we have the Pfizer one which came out, of 17 to 18 year olds. It had ―I think it was a total of two hundred, eighty three people in that trial, 283 people in the trial for 16 and 17 year olds. That’s not enough to really mean anything ―two months with that small group.
We’ll talk a bit about the twelve fifteen year olds because they’re younger. And if you expect a 12 year old to be able to go and give consent , or even to go without telling the parents… I mean, how many 12 year olds do we know that actually could understand the pros and cons of the vaccine? I don’t know any.
SM: To tell the truth, most adults, particularly most doctors do not know the pros and cons of this experimental drug. Part of the reason is that, to give informed consent, you have to know what’s in it. And we’re not going to know what’s in the Moderna shot until the end of 2022 and, and the Pfizer to the beginning of 2023. They don’t have to tell us, and they’re not telling us what’s in it.
Again, as Dr. Trozzi said, there’s some ingredients in those shots which are beyond the idea of preventing a virus infection. We’re just now looking at stuff, but it’s quite quite shocking.
SM: including nano technology which could be very dangerous in itself.
But if we look at the 12 to 15 year olds, we had 2,000 kids that were involved divided into two groups, possibly a thousand each group. They followed them for two months. At the halfway mark, almost half had dropped out. So only 57.9 percent of the kids were remaining to be followed for the full two months. Anyway, so they came out saying, well, we had in the group that got this shot, zero kids got Covid. Now, Covid is a minor symptom, plus a positive PCR test which we know are false [or cold] positives probably 97% and up. That was the diagnosis, and nobody in the shot group got it. In the other group of a thousand, the ones who got a placebo saline shot, there were eight kids that had some covid-like, symptoms ―anything from a cough to diarrhea to fever. Something that could be very mild, plus a +ve PCR. 32:19
SM: They were only eight in that group, eight out of the thousand, right? But now when they compared zero to eight, it was like comparing 0 to 1 or 0 to 2. It’s a hundred percent effective in that regard. That’s called the relative risk reduction. They use that for use in the adult studies as well, so they came out with a relative risk reduction of 95% when in fact, it was less than one percent. Right?
But if you talk about a certain way, if you spin it in a certain way you come out with a 95%. In this case they came out with a hundred percent effectiveness. Now if we only protected one child, it would have been still been a hundred percent effectiveness.
When you look at what is more useful things we should be looking for ―hospitalizations, ICU admissions and deaths, there were no severe cases in the whole group of 2,000 12 to 15 year old kids that were examined.
But if you look at what’s called the the absolute risk reduction, which is a much more important way to measure what happens, we find, it’s actually 0.7%. That’s seven out of a thousand that have benefit and that’s only benefit in reducing the symptoms. So we have a study where they’ve spun the statistics, and said 100% protection, when it is only 0.7% benefit in reducing symptoms. It hasn’t been shown to prevent contagion. That doesn’t you don’t pass it on. So it isn’t going to do anything for herd immunity or allow you see your grandparents. And it also had a lot of side effects that some of the numbers would be.
For example, pain at the site. They only followed these kids for one week after the shot, so this could have continued on for weeks, unnoticed or ignored.98.7 percent of the kids had pain at the site. 77.5% percent of those kids had generalized fatigue, a systemic effect.. That means you can’t get out of bed. Headache, 75%. Chills. That’s when you come down with a fever. That’s it was 49.2%, almost 50%. Muscle pain, 42.2%. Fever, [24%?inaudible], joint pain, 20.2%. The number and severity of these symptoms exceed what these kids experience with Covid itself. There’s
nothing to be gained here, but actually harming your children.
SM: And also, there’s these risk of infertility, which is probably very high, we know that that we have antibody cross-reactivity with various tissues, including the protein [inaudible] site 1, which is in the placenta and also in the ovaries. It’s in sperm cells.   It means the chance of infertility for your kids when they get these shots very high.
There are two things that would suggest that’s a big danger. One is that when they looked at these shots, the material did not stay there. It travelled throughout the body was taken up based on measurement of I think [inaudible], which is attached to the shot material. They were found in the ovaries, very high and also in adrenal glands, very high. These tissues were having a vaccine material deposited in them. When we look at the effect of Spike proteins, what they can do, causing their own inflammation, plus attracting antibody reaction, and so forth.
Giving these shots to children who are still hoping to have families in the future is a big, big mistake.

36:06 ————- Dr. Charles Hoffe
DV: Thank you. Thank you. So next, we have Dr. Hoffe. You have been able to see the long-term effects on patients. Can you share with us a bit about what you’ve seen in these short I believe four months since the rollout?
7:06 PM
Yes. I just speak from firsthand experience about what’s happened in my own patients. Of the first 900 people who got the first stage -the rollout in my patients was in January of this year [2021]. So four months ago, nine hundred people got the Moderna shot. Of those 900 people, 10 now have ongoing medical problems that have that all started with within 24 to 72 hours after their shot. Even though the authorities have said, it’s just all a coincidence, for 10 people to all have the same kind of coincidence is pushing it. Most of them have neurological problems with muscle weakness, sensory loss, tingling in two of them, tremendous electrical sensations [they describe] like electric jolts that shoot down their limbs. Bell’s alsy, dizziness. I have one38 year old patient who can no longer drive a car anymore because she is so dizzy, continuously for four months now.
CH: And then I have I have three patients. Well, I had one patient who just complained that he was short of breath, continuously afterwards and died very abruptly, three weeks after his shot. Of course, it is hard to say it is from the vaccine, because he died three weeks later, but he’d been short of breath ever since the shot. I’ve got three other patients who complain that they just can’t walk as far as they used to be able to, because they just become short of breath. I had one patient who used to walk two miles to my office. He says he can now only do a quarter mile and he’s just totally out of breath.
So, if you think of the way these vaccines work, anything that’s injected into a muscle, part of it is going to be taken up by your lymphatic system, which basically drains the fluid between your cells. It feeds it, into your blood circulation, from where it goes around your entire body. So these so-called vaccines are actually little packages of genes. They are either RNA or DNA. So these little packages of genes that are circulating around your body in your blood looking for a cell to enter where the gene can be expressed and and your body’s mechanism can kick in to to create these Spike proteins.
CH: So of course, once something’s in your blood circulation, the only cells that can enter of the cells lining, the blood circulation. So these these little packages are going to enter what we call vascular epithelium which is the cells that line your vessels. And of course the place where they’re most likely to get in is where the blood slows right down, and that’s in your capillary networks. Capillaries are microscopic blood vessels not much wider than a blood cell. And so the blood slows right down. That’s where the little packages of genes are going to enter your cells. So when they get in there, your body recognizes that this is a gene and starts making Spike proteins. So in a Coronavirus organism, that spike protein is part of the capsule of the virus. It’s part of its cell wall, if you want to call it that. So once that’s in your body, it becomes part of the cell wall of your cells, that’s what it’s designed to do.
CH: The problem is, if that cell is in vascular epithelium, the cell around your blood vessels, which is normally smooth and flat and, and enables blood to flow smoothly. Now, you’ve got these little spikes that sticking into your blood vessels, which are inevitably going to cause clots. As a platelet comes along, it’s going to bump into that spike. It’s going to recognize this as an abnormal protein, a damaged vessel. The clotting mechanism is designed to recognize damaged vessels, and cause a clot to stop your bleeding. That’s how clotting works. So inevitably, you’re going to get clotting in the capillary networks. So, if this was liver or kidneys or some place like that, where you’ve got huge reserve capacity, you might not notice it until maybe your fourth or fifth shot when your capillaries are then plugged up. But when it’s in your lungs or your nervous system, where they may not be that much reserve, especially in your brain, you’re gonna notice blood capillary. So if you think of the short term side effects from from these shots, which would be fatigue, headaches, dizziness, nausea -those are all signs of tiny capillary plugging in your brain.
CH:Of course, this is not going to show on a CT scan because these are microscopic clots. They won’t show on any scan. If I look at all the long-term side effects in my patients, this mechanism if you know how these things work, explains everything. And the problem with blood clots is once they form, once they’re there, they never go away. Those vessels, stay plugged and so with each successive shots, you’re going to get more and more plugged up capillaries in various parts of your body that kills off that tissue. The fact that that they want to give this to children is absolutely absurd. A child’s risk of Covid, as colleagues have said, is almost zero. So, why on earth would you give them something that is potentially, so dangerous to protect them against a disease that’s not dangerous to them? It just makes no sense at all.
DV: Thank you, Dr. Dr. Hoffe, I looked up the, the actual child deaths across Canada, 19 years old, or under, and they only amounted to 19 deaths in the entire country. Some of those are suspect. One of the children died of a drug overdose three months after having an asymptomatic test. We know one died of leukemia, so even at that, even at best, those are questionable numbers. So, thank you very much.
Dr. Trozzi, you’ve been studying this. I believe you were telling me the other night, You had a sixty page report. Do you want to chime in on what was said here?
MT: What my colleagues are saying is completely true? And unfortunately, I think the bad news to add, is that we’re just seeing the first wave of the ill effects of these injections ―as Dr. Hoffe describes― blood clotting through tiny blood vessels, all through the body causing, triggering, everything from heart attacks, to stroke-like illnesses. This is just the first wave. We know now that there are many ways that these injections can or might harm us.
MT: As to the people that survived this initial these initial side effects, one of the biggest concerns we have is what’s called an antibody dependent enhancement. This is what happened in all prior animal coronavirus vaccine studies, which is why these types of vaccines were abandoned―because it turned out that the effect of these unusual antibodies triggered by vaccines ―we already know they’re not very effective, they’re not curing the illness, people don’t get the shot then carry on with their life. They’re told, they can still transmit disease, they can still get sick with the disease.
But the other side of it is we think that the result of them is going to be what’s called an antibody dependent enhancement, where these antibodies will actually help the future coronavirus hurt the person, rather than help the person fight the virus. When you look at, 2012 animal studies, all the animals that the phase 3 of the trial, when they were given these injections, many different experimental coronavirus vaccine injections, they did produce antibodies, which made it look like things were working. Well, when they were actually presented with the disease, they got very sick. Unlike with the disease, which was essentially a cold, many of them died. When you looked at their autopsies, among other things, you found profound inflammatory changes in their lungs.
MT: So, this is that antibody dependent enhancement [ADE]. So, what my colleagues are describing is what are we seeing in the initial months. One of the many things we’re going to see in the longer term among the survivors is that they may very well catch a coronavirus cold. It could be a natural one, or it could be another one like this. And instead of them having a cold and getting better like most people do ―with covid-19 they may actually get very sick and have a high death rate. There’s more ill effects beyond that. I’m just completing an article going into that and I’ll publish that very soon for everyone to look at.

DV: Does anybody else want to chime in on what we’ve learned so far today?

FC: I do want to come back on the assault on science.
I think there’s really a death of science., I was speaking earlier about the conditioning with fear. The conditioning with fear did not work as the death rates started falling. And so the media, which is all controlled by ― if you look at the US media, four or five corporations control almost everything―there is a monopoly of messaging. And undoubtedly there is corruption, corruption that goes all the way up, unfortunately, to the WHO.
The WHO, once this august and extremely respected body, is now peddling nonsense. If you look at what I call the death of science and the conditioning of the population by fear, there is this media trickery that has happened and immediate trickery consists of once the death rate start going down, they start ramping up the case rates. So if you look at, for example, two or three months ago, as death rates are coming down all over the world, the media started this whole manufacturing of case rates. The case rate, for anybody who has half a brain, means nothing without them telling you how many they are testing. If you say that you have a thousand positives while testing 200,000, it’s a little different from saying that you have 20 positive, but testing only 200. So they never tell us or seldom tell us how many tests are being done. They don’t tell us about the people who died, whether they had comorbidities. You just pointed out some people in the Canadian database where, you know, the children who supposedly to died of Covid almost certainly died with Covid. That’s a difference.
FC: I like to tell my residents about a fellow who’s jumping out of an airplane, and he says, there’s a meme below that, he says, hey, I jumped out of my airplane without a parachute and I died of Covid. This is happening everywhere. I don’t know what they think the media is. Maybe they think we are all stupid. I don’t think the media stupid. I think the public is stupid. The media is extremely intelligent because they know that the public is conditioned with fear. And when you’re conditioned by fear, you’ll believe almost anything and that’s what’s happening. So, you know from political editorials from the politicizing of science from the death of science. We are living in what I’m calling token [total?] madness. I’ve never seen this in my career, never.

DV: Anybody else want to share any thoughts before…?
SM: sure. I just like to say that we’re in an emergency situation here, but it’s not the emergency of Covid, its emergency of people being disinformed which is different from misinformed. This is an intentional attempt to get people to believe a narrative, which is not based on evidence. And that’s what we’ve all been subjected to for more than a year. Parents are told to believe that they’re going to protect their children by getting these these experimental shots. In fact, that’s not the case. It’s very clear to us as physicians that that’s not the case. They’re only going into an incredible danger to their health, and also to their their ability to have children in the future. Those are very important considerations. But, they’re doing it because they think they’re doing what is best for their kids. Because that’s the way they’ve been driven to think through our experts, Public Health, our government,
SM: world governments, and the media. The media gets 70% of their their income for the pharmaceutical companies. Everybody here has a vested interest in selling shots, but there’s also been some other things going on that shift of wealth and various things, which are not necessarily science. They are more to do with finances and control, but they’re being done under the guise of a deadly virus that you can’t see, that’s everywhere that you can give to me even if you don’t have symptoms. And I give to you, if I’m asymptomatic.
It’s such a catch-22 that no one can get out of it, unless they go to try to figure out why it’s being done. In other words, why would a government actually try to harm its citizens
SM: Why would Public Health roll out policies, none of which have been based on evidence. So that’s a big leap for people. how do you get to that point of realizing ―Hey, I’ve been lied to in a very big way. The bigger the lie, the easier it is to be sold to people. People are just not a position to think that ―Hey, my doctor told me to get the shot. And I’ve always trusted my doctor. Until this time, they have been pretty trustworthy. I think it was Dr. Phillips who was saying earlier about the idea of doctors following guidelines, because most often guidelines are pretty reliable. But now we’ve learned to trust guidelines so completely, that when we get a guideline completely false, we just try to see it like every other one. We trust it. So the guidelines at these shots are safe and effective and even needed in children is because we’ve been programmed prior to this this rolling out of the shots. We’ve got to get out in front of this and stop our children getting these shots, because this is going to be a killer. We’ve seen effects in adults, of one shot, and these are robust adults. What we’re going to see in our kids is going to be catastrophic.
FC: I’m just going to say that’s a very good point, Stephen, the whole thing about guidelines. You might be old enough, the public and those listening, to remember
the guideline that babies should be laid face down to sleep. That was supposed to be a the way that babies are supposed to sleep. There was societies and so on saying you shouldn’t be putting them on their back, you should be putting them on their stomach, you should be putting them face down. That led to an epidemic of cot deaths, babies dying, because of these guidelines until they woke up suddenly and said, Hey, you know what? We’ve been wrong all along. Baby should not be face down. They should be face up. So there is that there’s a lot of guidelines stuff that actually gets proved to be wrong and which is wrong to begin with. There is a very big deficit of science that is being peddled by the media, and I would urge the public make up your own minds. As somebody said, don’t let your minds be outsourced to experts. Just be your own expert. You can do that by just following common sense, you don’t… I mean we all have training in science.
FC: We can see the evidence, evaluate evidence. We can do it to a high degree. We can look at statistics. You don’t even need that. You just follow your common sense. Look at alternative websites. Look at what other people are saying. Do you really want to follow guys who have been wrong about masks, about flights, about… I mean they’ve been changing things all the time, just look at alternative ways of thinking, and make up your own minds. I mean, I did that recently when, I got to tell you, when they said, vaccines are causing all these death rates to go down, the case counts to go down. I smelled a rat because it was the media pushing this nonsense. And the media has been lying to us through its teeth from the beginning. And so, I looked at the data, and the data shows that in this at this time last year, no vaccine, cases were going down. I mean, could this be seasonality of the virus to be good at being natural immunity? Could it be something else? I don’t know, but the cases are going down. In May2020, May 2021 too, nothing to do the vaccine. And then I looked at this thing called the Covid Data Explorer. It’s maintained by Oxford University and it looks at the death rates. That’s going down, too. Now, the media says it’s vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, but look at 2020 May. It goes down exactly the same way. I mean, did they think we were that stupid?
FC: and then you look at the vaccination rate, the vaccination rates, I looked at different countries, and you can get that in a thing called Bing Covid Tracker. And you look at countries like, okay, Israel, where the cases have gone down, that’s of dumbbell, the US which has a less of a vaccination rate than us, you know, Texas, which has been open for more than three months now, and hardly any cases. Hardly any deaths. Canadians are watching ballgames in Texas, packed with 90,000 people. And we are sort of, we can go to the grocery stores. We are under curfew.
What the hell is happening? I mean, this is ridiculous. Look at the vaccination rates of these various populations. Okay, look at Texas, which is about I believe it is 43%. Yes, the cases are going down. You look at Israel, something like 63 or 64 percent, one of the most vaccinated countries on earth. Cases are going down.
FC: Deaths going down. Then look at France, less than 20%, cases are going down. Deaths are going down. Deaths and cases going down everywhere. Come on. It’s not the vaccine. I don’t know what’s causing it. May be seasonality it. Maybe, maybe it’s you know, immunity maybe it’s the way they’re measuring it. I don’t know. But the fact is the cases are going down independently of the vaccine. And then when everybody is having what, you know, they’re going to call it a normal summer, but most people have forgotten what normal is now. So when another variant comes along in the fall, the way they are going, they are going to lock everything down again. This is madness.

DV: It just wanted to chime in by saying I have, unfortunately, known a few people to take the vaccine and when I asked them, why their main reason was? Number one? Oh, I want to travel. Well, first of all, the vaccine passport hasn’t been initiated. So why are you jumping at the bit? And what I have to say to the Canadian public at large is: Consider this.
DV: If you want to keep keep your vaccine passport up to date (if it does roll out that we’re going to have a vaccine passport), you’re gonna have to get two shots every year, and with what we’ve just heard, are you willing to do that? Are you willing to get two shots a year? Knowing that these tiny little blood clots are forming in your capillary, these two shots a year every year for the rest of your life, so that you can travel. That’s number one. The second reason I hear is people are worn down in Ontario. Our board has said. And our health officials have said, we’re keeping you locked down until 75 percent of you are vaccinated. So a lot of people are worn down in there saying I just want to get it to go back to normal. People, being good-natured Canadian citizens, are taking it for the team because they’re good people. They’re not taking it because they think it’s going to help their health or stop the transmission. They’re taking it because they’re tired, they’re worn down, tired of being locked down and our Public Health officials are basically saying that we will not open up until 75 percent of you are vaccinated. I just want to say this is your body, you need to think about this. Don’t do anything dangerous on behalf of the whole that you think you’re doing because you just want to get us back to normal.
SM: You will never get 75%, because we know that only fifty three percent of people, in general, are getting them. A lot of people like, oh I’m not getting that, and it’s not 50%, you know?[?]
So you’re never getting the next level, 70 or 75%. This gives the government carte blanche to shut you down again.
Unknown: Credible plan!
SM: If you were to get to that 75% for the elderly people because maybe they consider themselves higher risk, and the pressure is more on them to get those shots. The next level is not going to be able to get to that. If they do, the youngest group is not going to want to do it, you would hope, because of the lack of benefit that we’ve talked about. So it means that each group above will be putting pressure like a police state, forcing, coercing the people below. This is a way of getting people to put the pressure on other citizens. Right? Is a bit like having, you know, brownshirts in Nazi Germany, people next door, people in your family, turning you in to the police.
SM: That’s the whole purpose of it. There’ll be no end to this lockdown. This is not designed to stop a virus. That’s why there will always be a double mutant out of India, or the new variant found in Etobicoke or something like this. It’s a narrative which can go on forever to get whatever you want . You can move cases up and down, based on how many, what the cycle threshold is, how many amplifications you do in the PCR test, which is a test which was never intended for diagnosing viral illnesses to start with. This is Is a game where they hold all the cards and they’re playing cards to get you sucked in and fearful. And then you’re going to get the Stockholm syndrome.
PP: I think, as Stephen Malthouse was saying, we are witnessing coercion, medical coercion on levels not seen since since before World War Two. If you look at what happened with the medical community, almost the entire medical community in Germany, were members of the Nazi party, and were complicit in crimes against humanity. And if you look at what happened there, they had a very similar mindset to what’s taken hold in the medical community in 2020 and 2021.
It is a societal or communal mindset. Prior to World War II, the basically, the mind virus that had infected the medical community was one of cleansing and fortifying the race, and eugenics, an awful and very destructive ideology had grasped the entire medical community.You saw during that time, medical experimentation on “inferior” races who were prisoners of War during that time. We also saw including in North America, eugenics on a societal level, sterilization of people with developmental disabilities. We saw mass corralling of racial minorities into concentration camps, even in North America.
PP: This came from this group mindset, where a doctor has the role, not of caring for that patient in front of them and what’s in the best interest of this person that I’m taking care of, but what’s in the best interest of society? It seems great, it seems wonderful that we want to improve the human condition, but inevitably, when you have that kind of a mindset of doing what’s best for the whole, you’re going to sacrifice hat’s best for the individual in front of you.
That’s what we’re seeing in this public health mentality. Public health interest, whatever that is―and I don’t think it’s even a real thing― is clearly, in the cases of our patients that we’ve described here today, harming the health of our patients and individuals in society (I think all of us who have had patients who’ve suffered from the harms of lockdowns can say that) in the hopes of quote unquote, slowing the spread. Who really benefits from slowing the spread, when all these patients in front of me, who look to me as their doctor, are being harmed.
PP: So we defined that. After World War Two, we came together as a medical community after the Nuremberg trials, where we these atrocities were outlined. We came up with the Nuremberg code, and the Declaration of Geneva where we vowed never to put Society for any government organization, first above above the interest of our patients that were looking after. I also want to say that another thing that’s happened. On April 30th theCollege of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
and shortly thereafter, the College of Physicians and surgeons of BC, came out in a Draconian statement, and stated that doctors are no longer able to express any views that highlight the harms of lockdowns, the harms of vaccines, the harms of distancing and the harms of masks. They said that any doctor who does that will be subject to an investigation and even disciplined, meaning that they could lose their livelihoods, if they do that.
PP: They have not taken away that statement. That statement still stands at this point.
So I want to make a plug as well. What we’re doing right now is putting all of our licenses on the line, to speak about these harms and to warn the public about these harms that are happening.
A large number of us, I believe over 200 physicians at this point, have come together in the Canadian Physicians for Science and Truth. We put out a declaration on the website, basically outlining all of this. We as physicians are coming together to uphold our oath, our vow to our patients that we will put them first. Not the CPSO first and not Public Health first.
In speaking publicly about these harms, and letting patients hear about both the benefits and the harms of any medical intervention so that they can make that decision freely and fully informed.
We’re witnessing now that governments are using coercive tactics, tactics that are literal crimes against humanity. We have an obligation, an ethical obligation, no matter what happens to our licenses. We have decided to come forward and speak about this to uphold our oath. So I just want to commend all of these physicians here in front of me for for upholding, your oath, for putting patients first, and putting everything on the line.
DV: I’d like to comment on that. There’s all the power in very few hands, in hands of politicians. Certainly here in Ontario, its Premier Ford and our medical advisors. I know from my research that so many open, letters have been written to Premier Ford. There was one where 300 doctors said, you are really harming the children. There’s a 300% increase in child suicide attempts. Drug use among children has doubled. Eating disorders have gone through the roof…self-harm, mental illness in children. These are just with children. So my question for the public to ask yourselves, and ask your politicians is, why are you turning a blind eye to this?
Why are you letting so few politicians control this when we have a panel of doctors right here? Again, they are putting their life on the line through their personal sacrifices, to educate you and let you know what’s really going on. We need to start asking questions.
What is the game for our politicians in all this? To turn a blind eye on doctors saying that our children are literally jumping off buildings in suicide pacts, three at a time. We’ve heard stories of three children just jumping off a building like, hey, I’m just going to kill myself.
So, question your politicians. Anybody else like to comment?
SM: I’d like to say that the power is not in the hands of the politicians. DV: Thank you for saying that.
SM: In fact don’t give your power to politicians because they’ve been lying to you consistently in every province in Canada and everywhere around the world just about, except for maybe in Florida.
DV: And Texas!
SM: Well, I don’t know about Texas. I think the Texas is going the way that the wind is blowing for votes. But we have to take back this power as as human beings, as individuals with our own sovereignty, because it’s not going to change any other way. It’s going to require people to stand up and say, I’m not doing that to my child. I’ve read enough. I have enough suspicions about the dangers of these shots, these experimental gene modifying agents that we don’t even know the constituents of. I am not going to take my child to the school where they’re going to try to hustle them into them into the gym and get them all shots, whether their whether parents give consent not.
Or they’ll say to a 12 year old, hey, you know this shot is safe and effective. Do you want it? The child will look to the child next to him? Did you have it? Yeah, I had it. Okay, I’ll have it too. You know, they want to be part of the group. They’re all being coerced by ice cream cones. In New York they give you a marijuana joint if you get your shot, they give you five bucks down in the Bowery for a beer ifyou get your shot They’re giving you five hundred dollars if you’re a nurse to get to shot in Texas, They’re giving lotteries for university fees, and lotteries to make a million bucks. You know, people have to see that these should be big red flags for them. They’re going to say, look I’m not doing it. In fact, I’m not just going to not do it for my kids, I’m going to gather all the parents that feel the same way, and we’re going to that school board, and we’re going to get them kicked off, because they’re all supporting these shots, which are dangerous to our kids. They’re not based on science evidence, and there’s no good reason for them. And we’re going to get rid of those people.
SM: We’re going to get rid of those politicians, those Public Health officials and we’re getting rid of those doctors and physicians who are telling you to do something, which is obviously harmful. People need to stand up. They need to take responsibility for their kids and get out in front to protect them. That’s what parents are for.

FC: I’d like to make two urgent pleas, one to my colleagues, my colleagues who follow science who want to better the lot humanity I think most of my colleagues are like that. I want to make a urgent plea, first you. If you are pro vaccine like I am, I’m a pro-vaccine guy ―this whole covid thing has done a big disservice to science. Physicians will never be trusted again. Think about it. Once the scam is unearthed, once all this, all the vaccine injuries come home to roost, once
the public comes to understand that the WHO has been telling lies all the time, they’re going to trust us much less. They’re already trusting us much less. What I hear from my patients is that, doc, we want to be given information that is science-based.
Is that happening now? No. That is reliable? No, that’s not happening either.
FC: So for the sake of science, please, please look at what these other guys are doing, these world. experts, Martin Kulldorf, Harvard, FLCCC. I mean, you can just Google Pierre Kory. Look at his videos. They are addressed to physicians. These are World experts. Look at their exposition of the science and follow the science.
Secondly, I would like to make a plea to the public, again, make up your own minds. Don’t let the government lead you by the nose. That’s what mules do. Human beings are taught and are gifted to think for themselves. We have a great tradition in our country. Most of us are free thought, free enterprise with the ability to make up our own minds. Look at the evidence. Go and follow not just what MSM is telling you, what public health is telling you, but maybe what we are trying to tell you, what Pierre Kory’s trying to tell you , what Paul Merrick is trying to tell you. So there are a number of voices, experts, all over the world that are telling you things other than the official narrative. Try and see what they’re saying. Make Up your own mind. Don’t be conditioned by fear. There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.

MT: Just to add to what my colleagues are saying. A lot of people don’t realize that historically, the number one cause of unnatural death in the history of our species is government. A lot of people don’t realize that the record and killing human beings was not Adolf Hitler, who took probably third or fourth.
[înaudible] I had a conversation with a colleague as things were dividing over the last year. I was waking up to what’s going on, and the colleague said to me, it is not our job to question public health!
People should look at the video of the chief public healthofficer and deputy of the province of Ontario when they admit, on hot mike, that they don’t even read the research. The deputy sits down with a pile of papers and says,” I don’t know why I bring these. I just say what I’m told to.” “Why, I bring all these papers. I never look at them. I do whatever they write down for me.”
So I think trusting the system right now is a fatal mistake.

DV: Thank you. I think we lost http://fail Dr. Trozzi again.
Great. Thank you all for being with us here today. Thank you for taking the courage to speak out at a great personal sacrifice.
We’re going to put all the links in the notes below for ones mentioned. Dr. Phillips, the gag order that was put on doctors for the CPSO.
PP: Yes. Oh, the CPSO, but I think you’re talking about our website and our declaration., you can read our declaration. We’re looking for the public to sign that documentation and to share it with your family doctor. So they can see and hopefully sign on to support upholding our oath.
DV: Great, thank you. Once again everybody. Thank you for being here.

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