Dr. Schöning Arrested!

For a transcript of Dr. Schoning’s talk at the Medicos Por La Verdad, Spain, in August 2020, see

What follows is a different short talk on his experience of censorship
Source https://acu2020.org/ Caution: transcript has errors and mis-translations!

Good day my name is Dr. Heiko Schoning. I am a doctor from Hamburg. This is a small
personal note it is about censorship – that means censorship we experience more and more on
platforms like youtube and others. Videos are deleted without obvious reason and exactly such a
case I would like to address today. Once again, on our channel doctors
for enlightenment / ärzte für aufklärung, videos have been deleted. E.g. a conversation between two doctors, a discussion with professor Bagde [spell?] and me, and many others have also been
have been deleted and some of them really threatened by it. There was another blatant case on the
channel of Kai [spell?] who also makes one-to-one videos and there was a video with him
and more. The title was the big bluff and it was of course about corona.
I think it had a quarter of a million clicks and now it’s been deleted after about a month and no government has even got a warning about it from youtube and that is nothing
other than censorship.
I have had to experience it myself – that it is also like this in other European countries.
In Speakers Corner in England I was arrested for speaking to more than 30 people.
22 hours in custody because of that and handcuffed and taken away in a
in a special prison van with with blue lights and high speed. [It] zigzagged for half an hour
through London and that’s all. These signs that something something is going on here.

What are they afraid of and why do they have to try to silence us like this? To censor us and curtail our right to free speech and in this case from the “king’s chair” it is really
crass and so I ask everyone to support, to be in solidarity with the video channel of the kreisstadt[?] that has also produced other good videos. And simply yes with a very very human and empathetic way, how actually the conditions are here. So I ask for solidarity with the channel and
I think there is also a donation page also set up there on this channel or such possibilities are there many.
Thanks for the attention.

Note: A Speakers’ Corner is an area where open-air public speaking, debate, and discussion are allowed. The original and best known is in the northeast corner of Hyde Park in London, England, where he was.

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