Dr. Charles Hoffe, B.C. and the Moderna Vaccine, April 2021

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Credit for this goes to independent talk show host in Canada, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, with producer Toby Carson, who interviewed Dr. Charles Hoffe on or around 28 April 2021.
The original show is an hour long. It is apparently also on https://www.facebook.com/LauraLynnTylerThompson,
her Bitchute Channel https://www.bitchute.com/video/mhLU0zzTPYv6/
with links on @LauraLynnTT on Twitter.

Dr. Hoffe’s open letter d/d 5 April 2021 can be found, among other places, at:
More discussion is at
The latter page contains an interesting rebuttal to Dr. Hoffe. This has a haughty tone but says little beyond urging us to trust the great authorities.

The source for the transcript below of LLT’s interview was an excerpt from
What follows is an UNOFFICIAL and edited transcript for convenience only.
Reference should be made to the source for any citing, kibbitzing, or quarrel or kudos.

Laura Lynn Thompson: Hello everybody.
I have a video I can only show on DLife [spell?]. It is very factual and shows the severity of what is going on in Canada, but I cannot show it on Facebook. I don’t understand that Facebook. I don’t. We’re going to have to find different ways to communicate with one another, if we cannot show the truth and if we have to have it stifled.
Dr. Hodkinson we’ve had on the show before. I’d like to show you 2 minutes of Dr. Hodkinson speaking in Alberta.
[Drs. Hodkinson & Modry and others’ April 12, 2021 full presentation is at https://newtube.app/The_Angry_Albertan/nQcyRB4. It is not included in this transcript]
Then we’re going to have a doctor who is courageously speaking in British Columbia,
We have a real crisis on our hands with our medical establishment, the medical authorities and their difference of opinion with actual doctors. Interesting, isn’t it? And it does seem that doctors like, Dr. Gaur Gill, who has been speaking out on T Cell immunity, and hydroxychloroquine, and things like that, do seem to be coming under fire.
But some of these doctors are just rising up,
speaking the truth, no matter what. My producer. Toby Carson exceeded all expectations and tracked down, Dr. Hoffe. Dr. Charles Hoffe is in the paper and he’s on the hot seat because he dared to write an Open Letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry, [British Columbia’s Health Officer] and that’s
because there are things going on up in his community, Lytton, B.C.
Toby Carson is there with him. Thank you, Toby so much for doing this. Would you introduce us?
TC:Very privileged to have Dr. Charles Hoffe in his home here in beautiful Lytton today,
He’s graciously accepted my interview request. A man of great integrity and very, very bold!
Dr. Charles Hoffe: Thank you very much.
LLT: You start out your letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry “The first dose of the Moderna vaccine has now been administered to some of my patients in the community of Lytton BC. This began with the First Nations members of our community in January 2021. Nine hundred doses have now been administered.”
LLT: Will you tell me, Dr. Hoffe, what has transpired and what brought you to such concern that you felt you needed to write an Open Letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry?
CH: Yes, I’ll tell you the story. About a month ago, I expressed ―when the news about the blood clots from the AstraZeneca vaccine, and that sort of thing were coming into the news, and there were 12 countries in Europe that had discontinued it―
I just, you know, I knew that this vaccine rollout was happening without any long-term safety data. And the number of cases of anaphylaxis showed us that the risks of it quoted by the pharmaceutical companies in proving their safety were definitely a vast understatement.
CH: We can see that just with anaphylaxis right off the bat. In Lytton ― you know that Moderna quoted 1 in a 100,000― we’ve had 2 in Lytton in the first 900 vaccinated.
We can see clearly that they fudge their numbers basically to prove the safety of their vaccines.
But to get back to my story. I sent an email that I thought was a bit foolish to to a group of the people involved in the vaccine roll-out here. These were pharmacists and nurses, doctors just in our in our area. I think it just went to 18 people.
I just said, with all these side effects appearing, shouldn’t we perhaps just pause things for a while?
Anyway, within 48 hours, I had a very stern rebuke from my superiors, at the Interior Health Authority who told me that I was guilty of causing vaccine hesitancy and that they were going to be reporting me to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of B.C., and that I was forbidden from saying anything negative about the vaccine within our health facility.
So I had been given a gag order. Initially I was a bit intimidated because you know, unfortunately many doctors are, because the Colleges hold enormous authority to literally shut down your livelihood or to give you enormous fines.
So I was a bit intimidated, but as the week went on and I saw more and more people coming into my office with serious neurological problems, following their ―this was just the first shot of the vaccine, and we know that the second one gives much worse side effects― I became more and more angry about my gag order.
I was told when I was in my reprimand that if I had any questions about the vaccine, that they needed to be addressed to the, the medical health officer responsible for the vaccine roll-out for our area. That’s who I needed to be speaking to.
So, I wrote a letter with all my questions and concerns, and of course, my questions have no answers because this is an experiment.
We don’t know what the answers are. But anyway, I put them all in a letter and I sent the letter off to this doctor who is the medical health officer. To date, I have received no reply which, I suppose, wasn’t exactly surprising .
After receiving no response from her, I thought, well then, I’m going to write to Dr. Bonnie Henry, who is our provincial Health Officer.
So I thought, because I didn’t expect a response from her either, that I would make it an open letter.
I was so angry about being shut down, basically gagged and threatened with punishment for speaking out about what I was seeing in my own patients, that I sent it as an open letter. I imagine that is what you have.
LLT: exactly. Is it also correct that you have been invited to participate in a call tomorrow?
CH: Yes, to my absolute astonishment, Dr. Bonnie Henry did respond. She had referred the missive to a vaccine safety specialist who asked to have a meeting with me tomorrow afternoon. And so I’m just trying to prepare myself to to be able to speak the truth.
CH: What I’m telling people about is not some theory. This is what I have seen in my own patients. I’ve been a doctor to these patients for 28 years, and now three of them are disabled by this first vaccine. And it upsets me very much because these people did not know that they were part of an experiment.
LLH: Right. So this is very alarming, I just want to say again, I am so grateful for you speaking out.
I don’t understand why there has been a silencing of doctors just telling the truth from their expertise. I thank you for your courage in facing any repercussions. When you say that you have been a doctor to these patients for a long time, you know them. You’ve seen that one person has actually died, quite a few days after the vaccination, right?
Yes that’s correct. So in that person’s case, there’s no way of proving what they died from. This was a person who had COPD and was on one medication, which was a ventolin puffer. This person just complained to his wife that ever since he had the shot, he was short of breath all the time,
and then eventually three weeks after the shot, 24 days to be precise, he was literally sitting on the side of the bed talking to his wife, and just keeled over, dead.
So I don’t know what he died from. Unfortunately I was not on duty that week.
An autopsy wasn’t done. He was just buried or cremated or whatever happened to him, and so it was just odd. He had no history of heart disease or strokes or anything else. It is an unknown. I just don’t know if it was the vaccine.
LLH: Right, but I appreciate you raising the alarm because these are things that should be investigated. They are truth and facts ―data we can put forward. So you’re concerned that you are seeing some harms coming to other patients? What have you’ve seen?
CH: I think perhaps the most tragic of all of them is a very dear 38 year old lady in our community who had her first shot of the Covid vaccine and she was one of the people who had an anaphylactic reaction. Within 15 minutes, her tongue and her throat swelled up and she felt like she couldn’t breathe properly and she developed itchy skin and so she was treated for her anaphylaxis and once she recovered, she went home. The next day, she was so exhausted that she tells me, she slept till 5 o’clock in the evening every day, for three weeks with a pounding headache. So, then she started to improve a little bit after that.
And then one week after her shot, she developed Bell’s Palsy, which is a paralysis of half of your face. She couldn’t close her left eye. Speech was slurred because it affects your tongue as well. It’s hard to eat because you drool out of the side of your mouth.
But what was most unusual is that Bell’s Palsy is not usually painful, but she had pain on the side of her face where this palsy was. That is something different. I’ve never, ever heard of the painful Bell’s Palsy. She also, at the time that she got the Bell’s palsy, became severely dizzy. It’s now almost three months since her vaccine. She still cannot drive, she is so dizzy all the time with incessant headaches. Headaches aren’t all the time. They’re there every day, but the main thing that disables her is the dizziness. Her Bell’s, Palsy improved to a point that she can close both eyes,
but when she blinks, you know, one eye doesn’t properly. We don’t know if her facial paralysis will be permanent or not.
So, she has been off work since her shot in the middle of January
LLH: Dr. Hoffe, are you aware of which vaccine that this poor woman took?
CH: Yes, all of my patients have had the Moderna vaccine. That’s the only one that’s been given.
LHH: Dr. Hoffe, this has also been reported across the world, in other adverse vaccine effect publications that have said that Bell’s Palsy and things like this are ocurring.
CH: Yes, absolutely. Bell’s Palsy is disfiguring but it’s not disabling. It’s a very unfortunate thing because it often doesn’t fully recover. Sometimes it will fully recover. This young lady doesn’t look as though hers is going to recover because in the last three weeks, there’s been no improvement at all. So hers may well be permanent. Usually you see a steady improvement, if it is going to improve.
LLH: What are the symptoms for the other patients?
CH: Another lady, quite a lot older, she’s 81 years old ― she told me last week that she does not want to live anymore. She has so much pain since having that vaccine. And so her pain is in her shoulders and her head and her neck. She just has incessant pain to the point that she just doesn’t want to live anymore. Not only does she have this pain, but she has weakness in both arms. So this is not a stroke. A stroke doesn’t give you equal weakness on both sides.
I don’t know what this is.
CH: I don’t know if it’s if it’s something along the lines of multiple sclerosis, it certainly could be. Every one of my patients with neurological deficits is different. Everyone is completely different but they’re all neurological problems from the Moderna vaccine.
So she told me that that not only does not want to live because of her incessant pain, but her hands are so weak that she can’t even open a box of Kleenex. She is just miserable and wishes that she had never had the shot. You know, unfortunately, a lot of these vaccines were never tested on elderly, and never tested on people with multiple comorbidities.
So they chose relatively healthy people to test them on so that they could prove how safe they were.
LLH: Wow, it is so alarming. Thank you for telling us. Sometimes we can read these stories in publications, but to actually speak to somebody who knows that this is happening. So was there another patient?
CH: Yes, the third one has what looks like it will be a long disability, and we can’t really ―we are almost three months out, so it may be too soon to say ― but when there’s just no improvement in certain looks like it’s going to be..
There’s a fellow, whose only side effect is in the arm where he received a vaccination. He just has incessant pain in that arm and weaknesses. Very, weak hand grip on that side. What was also a most peculiar in him ―he has is not a pain on both sides of his body, it’s just the arm that was vaccinated that is just painful all the time― just neuromuscular weakness, just a weak hand grip. He certainly wouldn’t be able to open a jar or anything like that. What was odd is he had these neurological symptoms of weakness and pain and also actually paresthesias, which is tingling in his fingers, but about six weeks after his vaccinations, that arm suddenly swelled up from about the elbow downwards.
CH: Swelling is not usually a neurological sign. It’s usually a sign of either a lymphatic problem or a vascular problem. So in all of these people, there are side effects sort of evolving. In other words, there’s some process has been started that I cannot identify.
These people need to have MRIs and a whole lot of expensive investigations to try and sort out what’s going on. Each one is distinctly different. I have other patients, who said they can’t sleep since having their vaccine in two months ago, or their feet are sore. It’s just a huge variety of things. But except for the fellow with the swollen arm, they’re all neurological problems from the Moderna vaccine.
LLH: You asked Dr. Bonnie Henry some very pointed questions.
You said, “Are these considered long-term side effects for gene modification therapy? Judging by medical reports from around the world, our Lytton experience is not unusual.” and I guess I’m
LLH: I gather that you are saying, if this is what we’re seeing ―and later in your letter, you’re asking, is this not cause perhaps for some reassessment if we’re going to proceed?
CH: Exactly, and the questions that I asked her no one knows the answers for because this vaccine was rolled out with no long-term safety studies at all. This is an experiment So, of course she can’t answer that question because no one knows what the long-term… RNA and DNA therapies have never been done on people before. So it was sort of a difficult question for her, knowing that she does not know yet. So we’re just seeing it now basically. And so I was just saying, basically implying, that these are unacceptable side effects.
The other thing that I mentioned my letter, that normally when you’re doing a research study, testing out a new therapy, if it’s shown that the therapy is very harmful, it is normally basic ethics that you stop. You don’t carry on harming people just to see how bad it gets. You normally discontinue the clinical trial, if harm is shown. That is what I challenged her with in my letter. Isn’t this unethical to continue without knowing what we’re up against?
LLH: It does seem that doctors across Canada… ―Doug Ford, premier, [ON], has just said that any politician, going against medical authorities is political suicide. We are at the mercy of these people, Dr. Hoffe, and you heard Dr. Hodkinson in his video today. He says like this is a major crisis of unparalleled proportion.
CH: Yes. Unfortunately, most of the management of this pandemic makes no sense, including this vaccine rollout.
CH: And so, the last bit of medical information, that might be useful to your, to your viewers is that we’ve now discovered that there are three senses that are lost with Covid. And the first is the sense of smell. And the second is the sense of taste. And the third is common sense. It is completely disappeared.
LLH: That’s right. Thank you for a little laugh in the middle of it.
Anyone that dares to investigate and to go a little bit deeper than anything we’re hearing on CBC, CTV and Global ―I dare say, no one from CBC, CTV and Global is going to be calling you.
LLH: You work amongst a lot of indigenous people as well, right?
CH: I do, and it grieved me greatly that the first people that the government chose to sort of experiment on was the elderly and the First Nations people. Now I know there were Health Care Providers involved in, you know, in that as well. And I was offered this vaccine and I said, no, thank you. I would like to be part of the unvaccinated control group in this experiment.
CH: but it grieved me that of all of the patients that I have that now have long-term or ongoing neurological side effects, are all First Nations people because they were the people who got it first, and the rest are just getting it now.
LLH: Wow. I sounded the alarm about that on this program. I spoke with a First Nations woman who was not at all supportive of this.
But then the political correctness kind of came in, the way they’re presenting it, and all of a sudden, they’re rolling it out up there.
I think something’s very wrong with using certain groups to be test cases for this. So I appreciate you talking about that.
You also say that “the provincial vaccine injury reporting form, which was clearly designed for conventional vaccines, does not have any place to report vaccine injury injuries of the nature and severity that we are seeing from this new mRNA therapy”.
LLH: Could you explain to us laypeople?
CH: When this vaccine rollout started, I was emailed the form that you have to fill out for reporting vaccine injuries. This is a nine page form. It is a very onerous thing. It takes almost half an hour to fill it out. I’m a fee for service physician, which means I’m self-employed and I only get paid for each bit of work that I do. And there is no remuneration for this half an hour of work.
That’s a huge disincentive for doctors to report the injuries because it’s a lot of work for no money and working for free. So a nobody likes working for no money. I mean, we’ve all got to put bread on the table.
The other thing that I found concerning is, is all of my patients have neurological injuries, except for the ones that were anaphylaxis. There’s no place on this form for neurological injuries because this is a whole new ballgame. There’s never been a vaccine like this before. To even call it a vaccine is really not true, because it’s not, it’s gene therapy.
CH: A vaccine normally has part of a microorganism in it, either a virus or a bacteria in some altered form that doesn’t make you sick, but that will induce an antibody reaction. This does not have any part of any disease organism in it. This is a gene that is put into your body to induce antibodies to the coronavirus spike protein. The concern with that ―and this doesn’t touch on what I’ve said in my letter― the concern with inducing antibodies to the coronavirus Spike protein is that there are 20 types of tissues in the human body that have spike proteins. So the potential is that this so-called vaccine could trigger an auto-immune response against some part of your own body.
So in all of these women that are now having miscarriages, who have had one of these covid vaccines ―and there’s hundreds of them around the world… (I don’t know why they are vaccinating pregnant women. A that age, your risk of covid is almost zero.)
..but anyway, there are now hundreds of miscarriages caused by this. The only mechanism that seems to be apparent of why this vaccine would cause a miscarriage, is that these women now have antibodies to their placenta. In other words, they are now vaccinated against all future pregnancies
because the placenta has a spike protein, and they now have antibodies to a spike protein. So, the repercussions of this so huge, and it’s an experiment, and we have no Idea what is going to become of this. We don’t know what other autoimmune ― I fully expect my patient’s neurological effects are autoimmune, which is why they’re evolving and and changing ―but I think this has a very high chance of causing permanent infertility in women of childbearing age by giving them a vaccine against having a placenta. As soon as the placenta is formed, they will miscarry every time.
LLH: It is so shocking and it’s not unlike what I’ve been hearing from other doctors. Dr. Hoffe, you sound like somebody who was not to make a problem for no reason. Now you’re seeing extremely alarming things. You dared to say something, and you get the push back.
I’m so very greatful that you’ve done this.
LLH: Do you think anyone is going to listen? Will there be other doctors that will be as courageous to speak up?
CH: I don’t know. Unfortunately, the Colleges hold a lot of power over doctors, and so, most doctors are too afraid to speak up. But I’m hoping that others will gain courage. I don’t know what will happen to me through all of this. I was told to shut up and I refused to. In fact, it made me very angry and made me more determined.
I don’t think I’d be doing this, if I hadn’t been told I wasn’t allowed. Except it was just so wrong to suppress truth at the expense of people’s lives.
CH: It’s just completely wrong.
I have devoted the last 28 years to looking after the people in my practice and to see them now part of this, horrible experiment, and injured like this, when they were just unsuspecting. And with so many of these people, I found out about their their injuries by
accident. They would come in for something else.
And I would say, “How are you getting on, and how did it go with the Covid shot”, and then they would tell me whatever it is that they’re suffering. With some of them, it’s just it just tingling down one side of their body or something. some minor thing hat’s not going to disable them, but clearly, there’s some neurological process that has started.
CH: And I don’t know what what it is. I’ll tell you, I think it might be MS..
Only the reason why I’m telling you this, I have a patient who got MS from a flu shot about 20 years ago and he started off by him by getting a very vivid transverse myelitis. He got his flu shot in the morning, he came into the emergency room in the evening and I saw him there. He said, he had this tremendous burning pain in his buttock, extending down the leg. I didn’t know what was going on. He said he’d had this flu shot that morning.
It wasn’t shingles. The skin was normal. I did not know what it was, so I sent him off to neurologist who diagnosed it as a transverse myelitis, which has now developed into MS.
He unfortunately decided to have one of these Covid shots. His MS had sort of settled down. He still battles a lot, and he’s been completely disabled ever since that that shot 20 years ago, but it was sort of under control.
But as soon as he had this Covid shot, his transverse myelitis flared. Within about a day, he had this huge flare. He was right back to square one. So that’s what makes me think ―because we know what his diagnosis is, he’s had all the MRI scans, all the investigations― that this really could be something like multiple sclerosis.
LLH: We thank you for sounding the alarm. Thank you for speaking when you are told to shut up. This has become an act of heroism in our nation. You are one of those new heroes we’re finding them every day.
Do you have anything that we haven’t covered yet?
CH: No, I think I think that’s pretty well it. I think we’ve covered most of it.
LLH: Well, I thank you for doing this. Sir, we’ll be following carefully what happens, any updates that you have after you have this call tomorrow, anything that you put out to the public. Our team is going to be praying for your protection because when you enter the fray there can be real backlash for speaking the truth. Thank you for being enraged at that.
Thank you very much to you and to Dr. Hodkinson in Edmonton.
CH: You’re very welcome.

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