Dr. Steven Pelech 15 October 2021

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by Drea Humphrey, Rebel News, 15 October 2021

Dr. Pelech: The problem with the vaccine immunity is that it presents the spike protein of the virus on your own body cells. So you are tricking your own body into thinking your own cells are viruses. so your body attacks and kills your own cells in that process.
We educate our immune cells early in our development to recognize our own body. But if you have inflammatory responses where you are attacking your own tissues, repeatedly, this is the mechanism by which you break tolerance and you begin to develop autoimmune diseases, like Type 1 diabetes, lupus, colitis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, certainly multiple sclerosis – the list goes on of possible auto-immune diseases, and these are all induced by your own immune system attacking your own body cells.
Rebel news interviewer Drea Humphrey [DH]: A lot of things have disappeared during life with Covid-19, human decency being one, the flu – and now it seems, natural immunity! It’s just not a thing. Except it is. And today I have the perfect person to discuss that with you. Dr. Pelech is a researcher and a UBC professor in neurology division in the department of medicine.
DH: I don’t know about you, but I’ve been paying attention to the science. It says that if you have natural immunity..it is better than, I don’t know, 2 shots of Pfizer.
[Picture: Header: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Body: “Comparing SARs-CoV-2 Natural Immunity to Vaccine-Induced Immunity: Reinfections versus Breakthrough Infections” 25 Aug 2021 ― medRxiv, Gazit et al.
Highlighted exerpt: “found that cases in the vaccinated group (n=238, 1.5%) were 13-fold more likely to experience a breakthrough infection than the natural immunity group (n=19, 0.12%)]

Yet we see vaccine passports, vaccine mandates from employers, sometimes even voluntarily. Yet they completely avoid the fact that some of their own employees or some of the people shopping or trying to go to a restaurant are naturally immune.

DH: The only thing wrong with natural immunity is that it does not make somebody rich. I’d add that it also gives God the credit.
So what is going on here that we don’t talk about it. We know that much of what has been done to us by public health lords and bureaucrats has nothing to do with science.
If you don’t believe me listen to BC’s public health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry say this: ” [?? Quote seems to be missing.]
Or this one. Recently Patty Daly, V.P., Public Health, & Chief Medical Officer at Vancouver Coastal Health said this about the vaccine passports. “The vaccine passports allow people to do certain discretionary activities, such as go to restaurants, movies, gyms, not because these places are high risk. We’re not actually seeing Covid transmission in these settings. It’s really to create an incentive to improve our vaccination coverage.”
DH: See? It has absolutely nothing to do with the risks of the people!
If it did, it would not make sense to allow the vaccinated inside these places, and not the unvaccinated because of this.
[picture of Fauci. NIH logo in the background]
Fauci speaks: “If you look at the level of virus in the nasal pharynx of a person who is vaccinated and who has a breakthrough infection, and compare that to the level of virus in the nasal pharynx of an unvaccinated person who is infected, they’re essentially equivalent, which would go along and underscore the fact that vaccinated people who have a breakthrough infection are clearly capable of transmitting the infection.
DH: So it begs two important questions. What’s going on with natural immunity. Can the public get some information about that, & are these jabs even working?
[picture of a headline: July 23, 2021 Asia Pacific: Vaccinated people make up 75% of recent COVID-19 cases in Singapore, but few fall ill. by Aradhana Aravindan & Chen Lin]
DH: …if we are still seeing a bunch of cases, and they’re already telling us, ‘you’re going to need another booster shot’?
[picture of a headline, “Fully vaccinated woman reportedly dies of Covid-19 after taking cruise to Belize” August 24, 2021]
[picture of CBC News, Edmonton headline, “Bookings for Covid-19 boosters jump as seniors in Alberta eligible for 3rd dose” 8 Oct.2021]
4:15 SO, you’re going to want to watch this full report with Dr. Steven Pelech
[picture of Dr. Pelech from UBC website]
He’s been doing a lot of research on antibodies when it comes to Covid-19. He’s such an expert in so many fields, including the brain, Alzheimer’s, the immune system, the thing we’re trying to act like doesn’t exist. He knows what he is talking about.
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DH: Dr. Pelech, could you tell us about what your expertise is and what you do at UBC.
Steven Pelech [SP]: I’m a professor in the department of medicine in the neurology division, and my degree is a PhD in biochemistry. I’ve been on faculty for about 33 years, but I’ve been doing research for close to 45 years now. I’ve published about 260 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. I’m also the founder of two biotech companies. More recently, it’s Kinexus Bioinformatics Corp in Vancouver. The company’s about 22 years old. We had technology that turned out to be very useful in trying to understand what parts of the SARs-CoV-2 virus proteins is it that people make antibodies against when they have an immune response.
We thought we would apply that technology to identify the best markers that are in these viruses’ proteins.

And there’s 28 of these proteins in this virus ―the spike protein is the most famous― but we actually tiled out the entire structure of this virus
as predicted by their genome sequence, in about 8,000 fragments.

6:54 [viruspic2]
SP: We screened through all 8,000 fragments with blood from people who had had Covid-19 and recovered and therefore have antibodies that are protective to determine which parts they make antibodies against, and using those markers, to come up with a test. That’s what we’ve been doing, applying that test to see what is the level of natural immunity in people that are infected, how long does it last, and also, how common is it that people have antibodies in the general population. The results we got were pretty astounding.
DH: How many would you say, say in Canada, have antibodies?
SP: Right. Well, the ABC study, which is out of Tor onto, they analysed about 11,000 people that submitted a dried blood spot test. They tested it against 2 proteins, the spike protein and the nucleocapsid protein, which is inside the virus. They determined that about 2.6% of the Canadian population has natural immunity. That’s back to about May of this year.
SP: We’ve been doing these kinds of analyses since the spring of 2020. We’ve probably looked at about 900 people at this point. We find about 80% of the people that we test actually have antibodies against the SARs-CoV-2 protein. Some of that might be from cross-reactivity from exposure to other corona viruses, common colds, very common, and those antibodies cross-react and lock on to the proteins of SARs-CoV-2 virus and neutralize it.

With your immune system, as long as you have antibodies that will stick to outside of the virus, tags it for what we call innate immune system to go and remove it. We think some of it is from that. We published that in a peer-reviewed journal earlier this year. We had about 276 people that were healthy, that we tested. It was done with the BC Women’s and Children’s hospital. We found that 90%, nine zero percent, had antibodies that reacted with SARs-CoV-2 protein.

But in our experience, we’ve been testing a lot of people who have been vaccinated as well, and we’re finding, because the vaccine only presents the spike protein of the virus… we can also monitor these other proteins of the virus, and what we’re finding is that pretty much everyone who has been immunized already has antibodies against the other SARs-CoV-2 proteins, besides the spike protein.
So we know it’s extremely common. The interesting things that we found, apart from how common it is, that people actually have natural immunity, is that that immunity, when we tested people last year, and went back a year later, after they’ve had their Covid, we find that their antibody response is just as strong as a year before.
The other is that we test different people, the patterns of which of these markers that they possess as individuals is completely different. From one person to another, which antib odies they make against which parts varies dramatically. Even though we had the huge variation in response, the individual response is extremely stable and long-lasting.
SP: This is quite different from what we are seeing with the vaccines. We know from data out of Israel ―this is probably the best case
10:54 [picture of headline: “Covid Protection Wanes Months after Second Shot, Studies Show” by Alisa Odenheimer & Robert Langreth, 6 October 2021, Bloomberg]
SP: People who have been double vaccinated, in about 6 months, that immunity is lost. The problem with the vaccine immunity is that it presents the spike protein of the virus on your own body cells. So you are tricking your body into thinking your own cells are viruses. so your immune system attacks and kills your own cells in that process.
So there’s a risk in presenting a pathogenic protein, like the spike protein, that can activate platelets. That’s why we are getting thrombosis and bleeding disorders with the vaccines.
So there’s a chance for long-term autoimmune disease. That’s a concern. It’s a safety issue with the vaccines. But apart from that, one, your immune response is targeted on just one of the proteins out of the 28 that are in the virus and two, it does not appear that we’re establishing immune memory. Hence, we have people in Israel who are getting their third shot now, and they’re planning for their fourth shot.

With every booster shot you get, you increase your prospects of breaking tolerance and developing autoimmune disease. This is my biggest concern.

DH: So you’re saying that possibly the more the people get these booster shots, then that can weaken their immune system?

SP: No. Not weaken their immune system. The problem here is that your immune system is being over-activated. So you start to break what we call tolerance. When you’re killing your own body cells -the objective is present the spike protein in pieces- by immune cells we call them monocytes and neutrafils. They would normally take the digested pieces of the spike protein presented on the surface of their cells with what we call major histocompatability antigens. These travel to your lymph nodes. In your lymph nodes, if you happen to have T-cells or B-cells, and B-cells are the immune cells that produce the antibodies, that can recognize that sequence, then those are stimulated to grow and to divide. Eventually you have a large population of cells that are very specific to the recognizing of that foreign sequence in the virus. That is how the immune system normally works
But the problem is, you’ve also got digested pieces of your own body cell proteins. Normally, we educate our immune cells early in our development to recognize our own body. But if you have inflammatory responses where you are attacking your own tissues repeatedly, this is the mechanism by which you break tolerance and you start to develop autoimmune diseases, like Type 1 diabetes, lupus, colitis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, certainly multiple sclerosis – the list goes on of possible auto-immune diseases.
SP: and these are all induced by your own immune system attacking your own body cells.

DH: What’s going on, in your opinion, when we have health officials and politicians really pushing for people to get these vaccines? We have vaxx passports, we have mandates….And we don’t have any acknowledgement of natural immunity, or the people, nurses for example, that have already recovered from CoVid, that are not comfortable getting this jab. Come Oct. 24th in BC, they’re not going to be able to do their job in a health care system already struggling to have enough workers. Can you make any sense of that?

SP: This is the absurdity of the situation
If there’s anyone in our population that’s most likely to have antibodies, it’s our health care workers, because they’ve been on the front lines dealing with Covid patients. And it’s very contagious. So they will
most likely have natural immunity, and they’ve seen, already in the hospitals, vaccine injury. This is very much underestimated in our country. But you can turn to places like the United States, the VAERs system. If you look at the last 30 years in the VAERs system, which covers about 70 different vaccines, more than a third of all the reports of adverse reactions, deaths, is actually attributed in the last 9 months to three vaccines, those three in the US are what we also use in Canada, along with the AstraZeneca, which is now in disfavour because we’re finding high rates of thrombosis with it. The reality is that the data is already there.
and when you start to dig deeper with the yellow card system in the United Kingdom or the European Medicines Agency, we

figured that about one in 500 people have very, very serious adverse effects to the vaccines.
Most people vaccinated will be OK. They’ll have minor injury. We believe there is micro-clots. I’ve seen at least three different reports now on the accumulation of micro-clots after vaccination. These are little clots in your capillaries. But these will eventually be repaired in most people, and you won’t really notice it. But there is long term damage that happens. The people that are the most vulnerable here are the people with already existing co-morbidities. For example, someone who already has autoimmune disease ― I would expect this to exacerbate that condition, because you’re really over-activating your immune system in this case, potentially against your own body cell proteins.
So, there’s a number of reasons why, in the health care system ―I think a lot of the nurses have seen this kind of damage, and the doctors― there’s such a strong narrative, and such discipline coming across from the colleges of physicians and surgeons that I think a lot of doctors…either they’re naive, they just haven’t done their homework, or they are aware but they are very concerned about their own welfare and the ability to practise medicine, so they can help their patients. So as more data is accumulating, there gets to be a point where we finally realize, wait a second, these vaccines aren’t offering protection. People who are vaccinated are just as likely to, maybe more likely ―cause, for example, in a study in Israel,
18:08 [picture of article: “Covid-19: Fully vaccinated people can carry as much delta virus as unvaccinated people, data indicate”
BMJ 2021; 374 doi: https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.n2074 (publ’d 19 Aug 2021) Cite BMJ 2021;374:n2074)]
SP: they found there was 250x higher viral loads in people who’d been vaccinated and got Covid, than a person who was unvaccinated and got Covid.
That would make them more contagious. The fact they don’t realize they are infected means they go out and spread it. We’re allowing these people to get together, but we’re taking the unvaccinated people and saying, “Well, we assume you’re the carriers” even though a large portion of them are naturally immune.

So we have this weird situation where, in fact, being vaccinated doesn’t mean you won’t get Covid-19, it does not mean you won’t transmit it, and just because you are unvaccinated doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a carrier.
If they really believed in how well the vaccines work, they would not be concerned about people who are unvaccinated. This is the absurdity of the situation.
My other concern for the nurses is that many of them will decide that this the time to retire. They do not want to subject themselves to this kind of abuse of their bodies. Normally we say a person should have control over what happens to their body, that’s the standard approach we’ve taken in medicine. And they’ll be fired, at a time when the virus is returning for its fourth wave, and it’s more rampant in the community. We’re going to have more people that will get sick and require hospitalization, and we’ll have less workers. Those who remain will probably be overworked, which will probably depress their immune system and make them more susceptible to getting sick as well.
SP: The timing of this is really bad. You don’t want a lot of your population undergoing immunization when the virus is actually quite rampant. You want to do it between waves. There maybe a certain attempt to do this.
The good news is that the Delta variant is probably much more mild than the other earlier variants. It’s more infectious, so as a consequence, it spreads easier. That’s how it dominated in the first place. If a person doesn’t have any symptoms, they’re more likely to go out and do their normal activities and spread the virus. This is why this strain is now the dominant strain.
This is normal. We expect this in pandemics with viruses. Eventually you get a strain
that supplants all the other strains, which is more mild, so in fact, you’re much better to get infected with this virus if you’re healthy and you don’t have any underlying morbidities, or you’re not elderly.
You’re actually much better to get infected with the virus than to get vaccinated.
This is the amazing thing.
DH: Lots of insights there on the mystery of the denial of natural immunity. For those of you watching, this is part one of our talk with Dr. Pelech. We’re going to be talking about a letter you wrote about the mandates taking place at UBC. Also, we’re going to speak to some of the students who are being told they need the jab in order to live in the dorm there. You can find that report on rebelnews.com.
Thank-you for being on Rebel News today.
SP: Thank you very much.

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