Vaccine Handout

A Brief Sheet on Covid-19 Vaccine Opinions not Found in Mainstream Media
(This page is in response to a demand for SOMETHING SHORT! There are more entries and longer excerpts on “Waiting for a Vaccine?”

Harvard Professor Martin Kulldorf:
“I challenge Twitter to name vaccine experts believing that everyone, including children and those with prior immunity from natural infection, MUST be Covid vaccinated. @MartinKulldorf – Mar 28, 2021
“I’ve been absolutely perplexed by mainstream media endlessly advocating to vaccinate everybody. It made absolutely no sense.”
Dr. Knut Wittkowski, retired epidemiologist agrees.

Principal inventor of the mRNA vaccines Dr. Robert Malone is not in favour of mass vaccination. He believes the severity of disease in vaccinated pts is the result of antibody dependent enhancement [ADE]. and more sites

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