Covid-19 Policy and Censorship

The pandemic is over, but the government does not want you to know. Recently, a Center for Disease Control report was issued. It said the best estimate for infection fatality risk put Covid-19 as not much worse than seasonal flu, consistent with Stanford studies.
It may not be censored, but why was it not headline news?

One might expect a jubilant reaction from authorities and an immediate cessation of destructive anti Covid-19 measures. But no. They want all this suppressed. (sites below)

Dr Vernon Coleman said a UK doctor was struck off for a year for voicing the opinion that Covid-19 was not that serious.

More and more people, highly qualified experts, are criticizing lockdown, social distancing, masks, and rejecting the depressing mantra Things-Will-Never-Be-The-Same. But we are not allowed to hear them on YouTube, or elsewhere.

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