Covid-19 Policy and Censorship

The pandemic is over, but the government does not want you to know. Recently, a Center for Disease Control report was issued. It said the best estimate for infection fatality risk put Covid-19 in the ball park of seasonal flu, consistent with Stanford studies.
It may not be censored but why is it not headline news?

One might expect a jubilant reaction from authorities and an immediate cessation of destructive anti Covid-19 measures. But no. They want all this suppressed. (sites below)

Dr Vernon Coleman said a UK doctor was struck off for a year for voicing the opinion that Covid-19 was not that serious.

A German civil servant put out his report criticising anti-Covid-19 measures as often causing more harm and deaths than the lives supposedly saved by these measures. This is a longer story-see footnote below. Whatever the real story, the government did not like it, did not want to listen, and was furious when it was disseminated, apparently on government letterhead, and was supported by several professionals.

More and more people, highly qualified experts, are criticizing lockdown, social distancing, and rejecting the depressing mantra Things-Will-Never-Be-The-Same. But we are not allowed to hear them on YouTube, or elsewhere.

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