Why You Should NOT Wear a Face Mask

In the stroke of a pen, mandatory face mask legislation irrationally increased fear in the uninformed population by ten-fold. The economy will never recover with people smothered in a mask and afraid to go out. Wear a mask if you want your neighbour to lose his job. Wear a face mask if you are selfish. “An approach [mandating face masks] to ending suffering for some (diminishing supposed infectious spread) may generate it for others (feeding hysteria that leads to economic collapse, mandated unemployment, homelessness, suicide, and the unfathomable injury that attends mandated vaccination, not to mention hypoxia and increased risk of illness documented with mask wearing…In the absence of clear answers to these internal questions, [the] enthusiastic rallying-cry [for face masks] struck me as the propagation of Stockholm Syndrome, or identification with and defending the parentified aggressor.”Kelly Brogan, MD

Asymptomatic transmission has become one of those covid myths making us enemies of each other. Michael Yeadon, PhD, a former chief science officer at Pfizer’s drug discovery research unit, cited a recent study in Nature that found no transmission from asymptomatic people to their close contacts. About masks, he said in his 20 November 2020 tweet: “Stop using them. I have.

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