Why You Should NOT Wear a Mask

NO sensible government would EVER introduce draconian measures based on current information on Covid from unbiased sources. Yet the pointless panic continues and gets worse. Our politicians have abdicated from responsibility to make decisions for the greater good, and our Chief Medical Officers are too lazy and timid to research other sources of expert advice other than the baldly face-saving WHO. Now we are faced with new laws and guidelines that we have a responsibility to challenge. ““It is an unjustified authoritarian imposition, and a fundamental indignity, to have the State impose its evaluation of risk on the individual, one which has no basis in science..”- Ontario Civil Liberties Association. Oh, and then there’s the health risks of masks….read on..
And on this July 1st we can celebrate Canada’s loss of democracy and the beginning of Canada’s economic collapse.

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Covid Scorched Earth Policy, continued

If We Shoot Horses, Will Covid-19 Go Away?

Riding stables are so desperate they have cut feed and are at the point of having their horses put down. Premier Ford of Ontario generously allowed them to open but only if social distancing is in place and there is no access to public areas such as washrooms. (G&M 15 May) We can assume many horses will be the first casualties of lockdown or “social distancing” and masks, the final blow to many businesses who are unable to open even if permitted. No one wants to enter other stores where masked employees make sure you follow the right paths.

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