Why You Should NOT Wear a Face Mask

NO sensible government would EVER introduce draconian measures based on current information on Covid from unbiased sources. Yet the pointless panic escalates. Our politicians have abdicated from responsibility to make decisions for the greater good, and our Chief Medical Officers are too lazy and timid to research other sources of expert advice other than the baldly face-saving WHO.

As the British Medical Journal says:
Before implementing clinical and public health interventions, one must actively hypothesize and describe potential side effects and only then decide whether they are worth being quantified on not. …Face masks make breathing more difficult. For people with COPD, face masks are in fact intolerable to wear as they worsen their breathlessness.[5] Moreover, a fraction of carbon dioxide previously exhaled is inhaled at each respiratory cycle. Those two phenomena increase breathing frequency and deepness
And an article in the Canadian Medical Journal says: The surgical mask is a bad fit for risk reduction.

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